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jackie kiernan

Wow that's fabulous, thank you so much. Have emailed you my details! The prizes shall be put to good use! :)

Melissa Hawkins

Hi Jackie, congratulations you are one of this week's Treat Tuesday winners! Please email with your full name and address so we can get your prizes sent to you. Thanks and enjoy your prizes :) xx


Would make these cupcakes as Arthur's Day is nearly upon us were in Ireland we celebrate and recognise Arthur Guinness who created the famous beer over 250 years ago .... "To Arthur" ...... cheers !!

Jessica Cook

Love the idea of boozy cakes I would make guiness cupcakes for my dads birthday he loves guiness and would be very impressed!

jackie kiernan

These cakes look too fabulous to have to wait for St Patricks day! My dad was Irish so these cakes would be great to make when I have all the family down to raise a toast to what would have been his 82nd Birthday in October!

Catherine Miller

I'm not a fan of Guiness, but for some reason in cupcake form it seems terrible appealing!

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