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Natasha Slater

I'd try the Pina Colada cupcakes and dream of being on holiday in the Caribbean

antonia richardson

pina colada I WANT TO TRY

martin smith

the pina colada cupcakes they look stunning

Chris M Williams

I love to bake these for my birthday, they'd bring back lots of lovely memories of our Caribbean holiday

Carrie Talbot-Ashby

I would loveto make my mum and dad these for their anniversary, my dad always sang the Pina Colada song for my mam and they fell in love to it lol, so these would be perfect! A few of these and no doubt we'd ALL be singing it! :-)

Amanda Gray

all the cakes look so yummy but I will make Pina colada cupcakes for my anniversary cocktail party next year :-)

Jen Russon

Oooooh yes!! I would make these for a girly night in! My friends love cocktails, and these look delicious!

Amy bennett

ooooh definately one of my fav drinks!! This would be fab!!! love it :)


Having a barbeque this weekend and will be having a go at making these cakes. They look delicious and something different for the adults to have with there cocktails.

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