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would make a box of banana fries to go with it and would also use different coloured sauces and use different fillings like apple to resemble gherkin or banana to resemble onion. etc.


Love this idea for kids but if anyone wants a similar idea with a 'fast food' theme,for a child that can't have artificial colourings(like my son),may I suggest a pizza cake instead, as kids do love novelty food like this and my idea is dead simple. I made a large pizza birthday cake for my son when he was younger,by baking a large thin sponge base,covering it with buttercream,covering that with fondant icing coloured with a little Camp coffee essence, sieved raspberry jam(to represent the tomato sauce), grated marzipan (to represent grated cheese),adding a few mushroom novelty sweets and finally,with a small headed paintbrush, I painted the edge of the 'pizza' with some neat Camp coffee essence to represent the burnt edge you get on a cooked pizza. I was dead chuffed when my sister walked in and asked me why I hadn't made a birthday cake and then didn't believe me that the 'pizza' WAS a cake. The kids loved it too and as my son was allergic to food colourings, I always had to be inventive with making his birthday cakes without including those artificial colourings.My mother thought I'd lost the plot one year, when I made my son a novelty cake that looked like a plate of his favourite egg mayonnaise sandwiches but with a bit of imagination,making novelty cakes, even without bright artificial colours, can produce some great results and if the results are not perfect, well, kids don't seem to mind if it makes them smile.

Caroline Jones

My boys are into Trash Pack 'monsters' so I would stick 2 large chocolate buttons with white iced pupils for eyes on to one side so they look like hamburger creatures from their colouring book.

Janet Bennett

I would put some jelly beans on the plate with this cake to resemble baked beans and the grandchildren would be in seventh heaven.

Corinne Fisher

I would make some cheese straw chips to go with this...would be great for a kids party

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