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Amanda Richardson

have had this it's amazing. my twist would be chocolate and guinness cake with green icing - perfect for St Patrick's day!

Faye Talbott

This looks great but my twist would be to add carrot and walnuts to the mixture.

Anna Johns

roasted garlic flavoured chocolate ganache

Tina Robinson

I would add lavender buttercream for the middle and sandwich together...mmmmmm

Eleanor Wilde

Make this into cupcakes, add a raspberry frosting topping and then garnish with a flake. Fantastic for cakes sales and afternoon tea!

alison green

Would add a whipped chocolate ganache topping mmmmmmm.....

Joy Dehany

I would add a pinch of coffee and a tiny pinch of salt - that makes the chocolate flavour really zing like nothing you've ever tasted. Then I would make spun caramel for the top and sprinkle it with edible rose petals :)

Tracie Scrumptious Keeling

I would add some chilli to the cake mix to bring out the chocolately flavours! x

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