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Isn't that a variation on Millionaire Shortbread??

Richard Emmerson

How about a bit of edible gold leaf on top for a real touch of luxury


I would just add some rice crispies to lightn the base.

Mary Cowing

I'd just leave them as they are they look delicious.

Erin Sattely

I would make a Snickers bar bake with peanut butter. These sound absolutely delicious though !

Jean Gould Singleton

I would make up a batch of honeycomb. Crumble it up then sprinkle it over the caramel before covering it with chocolate. :-)


Would love to upgrade this by adding peanuts and making the caramel a salted caramel, making this a home mad salted caramel snickers bar


How about a mint filling topped with white chocolate?

Margaret Dring

I would coat these in dark chocolate and do a feather and fan pattern with milk chocolate

Vannessa Garcia

I would make a large scale twix using 4 loaf tins. A shortbread base, rich chocolate cake, a dulce de leche caramel and dark, rich chocolate frosting. Must be finished off with the classic twix ripple effect!

Val Pownall

This type of cake is my most favourite treat! I'd start with a nice home-made shortbread base, then a really rich, gooey caramel (I'm drooling!) topped with a layer of chopped salted peanuts, then a layer of white, milk, then dark chocolate (my favourite chocolate) and for the final touch I would drizzle white chocolate over the top criss-cross wise. For special occasions I'd even give the final topping a dusting of lovely glitter to make them sparkle. I'd cut them into squares as I like to nibble round and round each side to make them last. :)


I would make them smaller, more bite size so easier for parties, picnics and BBQ's and maybe add some popping candy into the chocolate

lynn savage

Ooooh these look delicious as Twix but i would make a selection with some small changes to represent other chocolate bars. Add chopped peanuts to the caramel layer and it's a Snickers bar. Add crispy rice and it's a Lion bar. Also if the whole thing were covered in chocolate (after being cut into bars) they would really look like Twix. Yummy.

Tracie Scrumptious Keeling

I would make the caramel layer with salted caramel and serve with a nice cup of posh coffee! :-) x

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