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I found that this mix was so stiff It was impossible to judge how full the cases were, which, unfortunately for me, meant that the mix climbed over the cases in the oven, I also got sagging in the middle and found there wasn't enough frosting to do 12 cakes, I had to double up there. However, despite all that, they are very tasty cakes.

Rachel Brown

With the addition of caramel sauce....caramel apple betty pie style nom nom x x

Elizabeth McNallen-Jones

Well i did the coke cupcakes for my son, so it was only fair to do these for my husband and now he wants more, although I added currants/raisons, so it was more apple strudel cupcakes than crumble! Great idea to start though, just developed as I made them. xx


These are my favourites,cake and apple crumble,mmm!I would make the crumble apple and blackberry.It would also make a great dessert if baked in a square tin as one large cake and served with a little cream,naughty!


How about Apple and Rhubarb cakes by adding Rhubarb compote on top instead of apple sauce?


I'd like to try these but replace half of the butter with apple sauce, for a healthier bake with an enhanced apple flavour. Using apple sauce adds fibre and reduces calories, it also keeps cakes moist and fresh longer because of its water content.

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