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I pick these 'hidden shape' cupcakes as my favorite because for girls in particular they are pretty and effeminate.However, to make these cute cupcakes that extra bit of fun (for some people, anyway!) I would decorate them with a football topper or a monster truck and make it appear as though it contains chilli so tough men decide to pick these cupcakes...but...when they bite/cut into it a pretty butterfly is presented to them before there very eyes! Hehe. Tough looking cupcake + Tough men + a bite into a cupcake = Complete humiliation to those tough exterior men when they see a pretty pink butterfly. Hehe :P


I love these Cupcakes, its my mum and dads 50th wedding anniversary soon and i'm going to make these cakes with hidden golden yellow hearts inside cant wait to make them. Thank you for the inspiration xxxxxxxx

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