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can you make one with just desert bakes plz

Mike Hunt

Ingredients For the dough : 250g (9oz) strong white bread flour 1tsp salt 1tsp unrefined golden caster sugar 1tsp easy bake yeast 25g (1oz) butter, diced 100-120ml (3-4 fl oz) warmed milk 1 egg, beaten For the filling : 125g (4½ oz) mixed currants, sultanas and raisins 50g (2oz) unrefined light muscovado sugar 15g (½ oz) butter Runny honey to glaze Golden caster sugar, to sprinkle

Mike Hunt


Mike Hunt

koala for your troubles

Mike Hunt

how do i make a chimmenye ckae

Mike Hunt

Kill me


Does it all really matter???

Kath Cumberpatch

well said WhiteLady, i always ask the question why do we say welshman scotsman and irishman but we are britishman sorry but arnt we ENGLISHMAN ????????


Bakewell Tarts and Puddings are from Bakewell in Derbyshire.Do keep up


Oh for goodness sake !. The e-mail sent to me read " Classic English bakes for St. George's Day ", then when I get to the feature it keeps saying BRITISH bakes. Surely somebody there knows that ENGLISH and BRITISH are actually DIFFERENT. I bet you wouldn't put haggis as British, or Welsh cakes as British, or make this type of mistake with any OTHER nationality, so show the ENGLISH the same respect and consideration. And if NOBODY at Good To Know actually does know the difference between English and British, then I have niece who is seeking a permanent job - offer HER a job with you !

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