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I didn't realise we had a family tradition until my children (now 22 & 18) asked id we were still going to have toast and Marmite on Christmas eve - I was usually too tired to cook so made do with something on toast - their favourite was Marmite. Christmas day is a round robin between my sisters - the 3 of us take it in turns to host Christmas day, 1 does Christmas day, 1 does bubble and squeak day and 1 does the turkey curry day - we take it in turns. There is never any TV on as we all play with the children's toys and play silly games of charades etc.. We always go to our dads for boxing day of cold meats mash potatoes and pickles (this is my favourite day - I much prefer it to the Christmas day roast). We all get together family aged from 6 years to 89 years old vegetarian and carnivore not forgetting my daughter's birthday on 30th December who requests chilli day (chilli con carne, fajitas, refried beans and all,the trimmings - veggie and meat versions). After all this our New year celebration is usually just in front of the TV watching everything we have recorded.

Jillanne David

this is my new tradition! I'm baking mince pie bakewells! shortcrust pastry smothered with mincemeat and topped with frangipan and flaked almonds, trouble is i keep eating them all!

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