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i Like your Christmas breakfast ideas Recipe. i hope In Future You post More Food Recipes Like this. I also blogging.


How can anyone eat a full breakfast on Christmas day,followed later by the roast,followed by pudding etc its too much,wouldn't be able to face a roast if I had the breakfast.


The traditional family breakfast on Christmas day (I can't remember anything else) used to be pork pie on Christmas day, and toast with dripping & jelly from the chicken/pork/gammon on Boxing day. The family stories trace this back to my grandmother (born 1872) and all branches of the family seem to have had the same tradition. I was really surprised though, when talking to a group of friends that they also had the same tradition - the pie if not the dripping. We also said that we can't understand how much everyone used to eat on Christmas day... Breakfast - Pork pie Chocolates, nuts & hot mince pies throughout the morning. Lunchtime - traditional Christmas dinner Chocolates, nuts & tangerines/satsumas in the afternoon Tea - Ham, cold salmon salad. Trifle, Christmas cake More chocolate & nuts Cold roast potatoes for supper!!! (Mum/aunty always did extra) Incredible. Tastes have changed significantly. My daughter ended up serving the podding at tea time last year because none of us could manage it at lunch time.

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