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This a plug for ASDA? The majority are either ASDA or make at home.


chocolate baubles

Dolphin Warren

Christmas Tree Crumpets look lovely, and I'm sure taste good too - lovely winter dish

Sammy Fairman

The Christmas pudding filled with orange chocolate crunch is definitely on my shopping list!

Ken Brehaut

Chocolate Baubles

Sandra Clarke

This would be great for hubby and son as they don't like Christmas pudding.

Gillian York

chocolate reindeer oh so lovely

Joan Cook

Christmas tree crumpets yummy

Mary Chez

Would have to be the pooing reindeer..would make the children laugh

Melanie Edjourian

The pooing reindeer my girls would love them ;-)

sandy port

The pooing reindeer - my neice and nephew would love them and I think adults would find them amusing

Michelle Ba Bamber

This is fantastic value, love a snowie ;D

FionaLynne Edwards

It would have to be the Lindt Santa Sleigh Pack - chocolate and a sweet ornament (if it lasts that long!)


Love these! Plenty of maple syrup

Leah Tonna

Love the Chocolate Brussels Sprouts.


5/ lindt santa sleigh pack love my chocolate


some lovely ideas, but my little boy will love the star shaped christmas wish waffles

Kate Huxstep

I saw these the other day. I think they are brilliant and are now what I'm having for Christmas breakfast.

adam platt

pooing reindeer for me


has to be Christmas tree waffles perfect for Christmas morning breakfast :) yum and the pooping reindeer as my two year old daughter will find them funny and love the sweets :)

Julie Johnson

Pooing Reindeer, as i think they are funny, and with my family's sense of humour they will too

karen king

christmas tree crumpets for my little boy :)


oh these to have on christmas day morning and enough for all week :)


I will be definitely stocking up on the Christmas wish waffles from Asda as they look so good!

Sharon Arnott

The Chocolate Baubles, if I mix them in with plenty of ordinary baubles I can keep sneaking one off for a chocolate fix when nobody is looking. :D

Joanna Krakowiak

These are so pretty! Almost too pretty to eat!? I'll definitely be stocking up on these lovely chocolate baubles for our Christmas tree!

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