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Oliver St.John

Painful to unwrap and tiny - £2 so not good value!


Nice novelty item - they are tiny though - 1p size chocolates 'v' 10p size real sprouts - a little disappointing


does anyone know how to get hold of these. Swindon store said they didnt know what I meant and hadnt seen any


Christmas Wish Waffles - yum yum, definately going to get those

Lou Moore

Christmas Tree Crumpets......yummy!! I have already eaten 3 packs and plan to have them for breakfast while opening my presents on Xmas day!,

Linda Donnelly

I will buy these, they would be fun just to put on the families dinner plate and watch there faces as they bite in them.

liz denial

yum my favourites, I'll definitely be stocking up on these

Shelly Price

Ooh I LOVE this! Im going to have to make a special trip to Asda for one (ok maybe more than one) of these :-)

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