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Melanie Jean Hoyle

This is why "health foods" are bad for you. I've come across many of them sold in freezer sections in supermarkets and I always find there's barely anything in them. The packaging is reshaped to be thinner at the bottom and thicker at the top or has huge holders at either side so there's actually less than what you're getting for your money. A lot are laced with chilli which is said to speed up the metabolism so you burn through the calories faster but I find too much chilli results in only feeling like you've gargled acid and can't taste the actual food (which sometimes doesn't make any difference as the food is already bland.) A lot are mostly sauce so there's even less food in it. Then finally you come to the actual bits of food, and this is where it's a real let down. Mostly vegetation or rice and very little protein. You're lucky to find half a dozen pieces of meat or more. By the time an hour or two has gone by you're already ravenously hungry and diving for the snacks.

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