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I agree with Jayprime and the pages loading are a nightmare. I like this site but seriously thinking about using a more user friendly site. I understand that they may need to advertise to fund and make money from the site but the accompanying music and adverts are too much sometimes! In fact how do you get rid of the damn music without turning it down? I also sent the site moderators a message and of course no reply lol. I was categorising recipes and then deleting them off the main page and it also deleted them from my 'sweets and bicuits' category for instance. Maybe I am doing something wrong but the site is not user friendly to navigate and although I like the recipes you do 'pay a price' for them with all the messing around. Trying to log a comment has also been a nightmare lol!

Joseph Kemetmüller

Umm...that's not true.


For what it is worth, you'll never find beef on an Indian restaurant menu - because they don't eat beef! Cows are sacred.


Oh I do wish you'd give a List instead of making your victims wade through your listings, one by one, just in case there might be something of at least mild interest!!

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