Pork recipes

  • bahn mi

    Banh mi

    Banh mi is a Vietnamese sandwich that packs a real punch of flavour. Say goodbye to boring…

  • How to roast pork

    How to roast pork

    Learn how to roast pork with this simple step-by-step recipe - the perfect Sunday lunch…

  • cheese and bacon pancakes

    Cheese and bacon pancakes

    Cheese and bacon pancakes are so much more fun than your regular sandwich. Savoury pancakes…

  • Bramley apple stewing

    Stewed apples

    Stewed apples have a wonderful flavour and can be eaten and enjoyed at any time of day.…

  • Quick and simple fruity pork casserole

    Fruity pork casserole

    This quick and simple one-pot pork casserole recipe costs just 1.32 per serving and works…

  • Pork curry

    Pork curry

    Pork curry is a delicious family family thanks to it's great taste and affordable…

  • pork noodles

    Chilli pork noodles

    Our chilli pork noodle bowls are a warming and delicious winter dish. This healthy…

  • Pigs in blankets recipe

    Pigs in blankets

    Pigs in blankets are the ultimate roast dinner side, made with crispy streaky bacon wrapped…

  • dallas style burger

    Dallas style burgers

    Dallas Style burgers are the perfect solution when wanting to jazz up tea team. This Dallas…

  • garlic pork kievs

    Garlic pork Kievs

    Garlic pork Kievs are a tasty twist on the classic chicken Kiev. This family favourite is…

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