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  • Pork curry

    Pork curry

    Pork curry is a delicious family family thanks to it's great taste and affordable ingredients. Made with lean and quick-to-cook pork fillet (also called tenderloin), this curry can be on the table in less than an hour – perfect for a mid-week family meal. You can choose the curry paste to suit everyone’s taste – if your family love hot curries then pick a Madras or vindaloo but for a less spicy flavour go for a korma or balti paste. Serve the curry with plain boiled rice and warmed naan bread or piled onto warmed chapattis and topped with cucumber raiti. This reciep serves 4 people and takes around 45 mins to prepare and cook.

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  • pork noodles

    Chilli pork noodles

    Our chilli pork noodle bowls are a warming and delicious winter dish. This healthy week-night meal is easy to prepare, and can be made ahead and frozen, so you have a good-for-you ready meal for those days where there just isn't time to cook. Transport yourself to Japan with this incredible pork noodle recipe. It's a beautiful bowl full of Asian flavours.

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  • Pigs in blankets recipe

    Pigs in blankets

    Pigs in blankets are the ultimate roast dinner side, made with crispy streaky bacon wrapped round a mini chipolata. In our experience they are VERY popular with all members of the family. Dunked into gravy on the side of your plate or even eaten as a snack in their own right pigs in blankets are a must come Christmas, and making your own couldn't be simpler. These little beauties take just ten minutes prep (if that!) and can then be cooked just before you're ready to serve up. If you want to give yours a twist you can experiment with flavours and add things between the sausage and the bacon to give an extra delicious finish. Caramelised onions, chutneys or fresh herbs are all delicious, as is a little mustard. Once you've mastered the basic recipe have a go at giving your pigs in blankets your personal twist!

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  • dallas style burger

    Dallas style burgers

    Dallas Style burgers are the perfect solution when wanting to jazz up tea team. This Dallas style burger is bursting with flavour with Worcestershire sauce and Dijon mustard, perfect for all ages. Serve these addictive Dallas style burgers with some sweet potato chips, corn on the cob, and maybe some southern sweet tea for the perfect meal on a sunny afternoon. To prevent the meat from shrinking when it cooks, why not make a small dimple in the middle of the meat. This should prevent the meat from shrinking when you place it under the grill or on the barbecue. Cooking these amazing Dallas style burgers on the barbecue instead of under the grill to add even more smokiness to these moist burgers.

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  • garlic pork kievs

    Garlic pork Kievs

    Garlic pork Kievs are a tasty twist on the classic chicken Kiev. This family favourite is often bought pre-made, but making your own is easy with this simple recipe. Using pork makes an interesting change from the usual chicken, and still works so well with the Kiev-style flavours. This dish originated in Soviet catering, but is now popular in many different countries. The oozing garlic butter filling makes this dish rich and full of flavour, and the crispy breadcrumb coating has a hint of chilli which isn’t overpowering but gives the garlic pork Kievs a slight kick. This dish is great for summer dinner parties, or just for a week-night or weekend dinner when you want something a bit more special, but without having to go to too much effort. Our garlic pork Kievs are perfect served with some herbed potatoes and green vegetables or a salad of your choice. If you're prepping these ahead you can make them up and leave them in the fridge for a few hours before cooking if it helps.

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  • Slow cooked pork belly

    Slow cooked pork belly in cider gravy

    Making slow cooked pork belly is easier than you might think, but it is still bound to impress your family and friends. Slow cooking transfers pork belly, a relatively cheap cut of meat, into a succulent and juicy dish with a crisp, crackled top for that extra crunch. Don't be put off by the long cooking time, the work you have to do is minimal and then you just let your oven take care of the rest. We've taken the classic combination of pork and apples and paired our pork belly with a smashing cider gravy. To make your own gravy all you need to do is combine a few simple ingredients and the result will be far better than anything you could buy in the shops.

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  • Flexitarian cashew pork burger

    Cashew and pork burgers

    This easy cashew and pork burger recipe is all about adopting a healthy habit of eating more veggies and less meat. The nuts add protein and healthy fats to make sure you feel full, while they also cut down on the amount of pork needed, perfect if you're trying to wean yourself off of meat gradually. This cashew and pork burger recipe will take around 20 minutes to whip up and then 20 mins to cook, so works for an easy mid-week meal. Once your burger is ready simply butter your brioche buns with mayonnaise, top your pork patties with tomato slices, carrots and gherkins. If you want to go all out treat yourself to a side of chips or onion rings!

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  • Chinese sticky ribs

    Chinese sticky ribs

    For a real treat this week, why not give these delicious Chinese sticky ribs dish a go? With onions, Chinese Five Spice, hoisin sauce and ketchup along with apple juice mixed together to make a deliciously sticky, spicy and sweet sauce, it’s a great way to enjoy a rack of pork loin ribs and makes a great week night meal that could equally be a delicious weekend treat too. This simple recipe makes enough ribs to serve four, so it’s a great way to treat the family to something different this week – it will soon become of your favourite recipes everyone will love.

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  • Pork chop

    Pepper sauce recipe

    This classic pepper sauce is much easier to make than your may think. With plenty of flavour and a tangy kick, this sauce is ideal drizzled on a tender cut of steak or a soft and succulent pork chop. The main ingredients in this recipe are mushrooms, peppercorn, white wine and cream cheese. These simple ingredients make one mouth-watering sauce that you'll want to make time and time again. Once you've tried this pepper sauce, you'll never look at a jar of readymade in the same way again. This rich peppercorn sauce serves between 4-6 people depending on how much you pour per person.

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  • Low fat sweet and sour pork

    Low-fat sweet and sour pork

    Chinese takeaways are a real treat but this tasty low-fat version of an old favourite makes a great dinner any day of the week. Our healthy sweet and sour pork is delicious served up with some fluffy rice and a few prawn crackers for a treat. We love the balance of tangy flavours with sweet mellow tones in the sauce, and thanks to a little help from some cornflour it's nice and thick, so it coats everything beautifully - meaning you get a mouthful of flavour with every bite. If you want to make this low-fat, healthy sweet and sour pork even more virtuous you could roast the pork, rather than frying it in oil and add in a few more veggies too. Kids and adults will love this sweet and sour pork come Friday night, so why not add it to your meal planner and pick up the ingredients next time you're out and about? It's sure to become a family favourite!

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  • Slimming World's slow cooked pulled pork

    Slimming World's slow cooked pulled pork

    Slimming World's slow cooked pulled pork recipe is succulent and tender and well worth the wait when cooked for a long time in your slow cooker. This delicious Slimming World pulled pork recipe serves 4 people and will take around 8hrs to cook. If you can leave the pork to cook longer on a medium heat, we'd recommend the maximum cooking time of 12hrs. Serve this sticky Slimming World BBQ pulled pork in burger buns with homemade oven baked chips and plenty of salad. This recipe is not just for the summer time either - you can enjoy this Slimming World pork recipe any time, without the guilt!

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  • Slow cooked pork baps

    Classic pulled pork

    Making classic pulled pork is easy thanks to this simple recipe using your slow cooker. Smothered in a rich, flavoursome sauce, it's so tender and just falls off the bone. Plus, by leaving it to bake it in a slow cooker you can make the most of an inexpensive shoulder of pork - resulting in the meat being soft and absolutely delicious. Our easy slow cooker pulled pork recipe smothers the pork with a BBQ marinade so that it's bursting with flavour. As good as any restaurant version, your homemade pulled pork may take 6-8 hours to cook, but it will be more than worth the wait! This recipe serves 8 people so it's a great way to feed a crowd. The best part is that even though this slow cooker pulled pork recipe makes for an indulgent meal, like a pulled pork sandwich, it works out at only 271 calories per portion!

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