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  • Quinoa porridge recipe

    Quinoa porridge

    Quinoa porridge is a trendy twist on a British breakfast staple. We all know porridge is good for us, but it can get a little boring. For something different, swap oats for protein-packed quinoa, for a breakfast that is extra filling, full of goodness, and easy to make. Itís gluten and dairy free, suitable for vegans, and is a warming and comforting way to start the day Ė perfect for those frosty winter mornings. Use seasonal fresh berries and toasted nuts or seeds to add an extra dimension of flavour to your quinoa porridge. You can play around with other toppings, such as nut butters, granola, or sliced banana, to tailor this recipe to your own tastes. We used coconut milk for this creamy quinoa porridge, but if you donít like coconut, you could substitute in any other non dairy milk, such as almond, soy, or oat milk. This quinoa porridge will keep you feeling full and satisfied as you tackle the day ahead, but wonít leave you feeling weighed down or bloated. It is so important to start the day with a balanced breakfast, and this quinoa porridge is a delicious, beautiful, and oh-so-Instagrammable way to do so.

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  • Cinnamon and apple quinoa porridge

    Cinnamon and apple quinoa porridge

    If youíre looking to start the day off with a breakfast that is really tasty, filling and even helps you on your way to five-a-day, why not give this simple breakfast idea a go? This simple quinoa porridge is ultra healthy and really tasty, full of cinnamon, apples and raisins. Apples are a great source of vitamins C and A as well as a whole host of other vital nutrients and antioxidants. Raisons not only taste great, but also provide a great source of vitamin B, iron and potassium. So filling your breakfast up with apples and raisins is a great way to start the day healthily. While it takes around 20 mins to make (a bit longer than you might usually spend on breakfast in the week), itís perfect to make into big batches to keep in the fridge Ė just pop it into the microwave to heat it up throughout the week Ė itís a great one to get the kids eating in the morning too. When toast or boring cereal just wonít do, this nutritious meal has that indulgent taste but without the guilt: a perfect start to any day!

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  • Sprouted Amaranth Porridge with Grilled Banana

    Sprouted amaranth porridge with grilled banana

    This porridge is special, because it uses sprouted grain. Sprouted means that the grain has been soaked in filtered water over a period of time. This soaking helps remove the phytic acid that coats the grain. As a chicken has legs, grains have phytic acid. It protects them from intruders. Phytic acid is hard to digest, which explains why some people donít go so well on grains. It's super comforting and I love the added grilled banana for some extra gooeyness.

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  • Apple and cinnamon porridge

    Apple and cinnamon porridge

    There is no better breakfast than a soul-warming bowl of hearty porridge. For years we were packed off to school on a belly full of milky oats and sweet honey. In this recipe the combination of sticky apple and pungent cinnamon makes this the ultimate breakfast, setting you up until lunchtime and offering a healthy and nutritious meal.

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  • Berry blast porridge

    Berry blast porridge

    Give your usual bowl of porridge a health boost and top it with our sweet redcurrant compote and fresh berries.

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  • Porridge


    Porridge is a great breakfast for any time of the year. Choose the topping of your choice for an energy-packed start to the day.

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