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  • Vol-au-vent selection

    Vol-au-vent selection

    Vol-au-vent make perfect party food, especially if you make a delicious selection with different vol au vent fillings. These Vol-au-vent recipes will make four different vol-au-vent fillings and trust us, they'll be gone in a flash! This easy vol-au-vent recipe uses ready-made vol-au-vent cases for some easy but impressive party canapés. Fill these ready-made vol-au-vent cases with these four varieties of filling including mushroom, chicken, prawn and ham and pineapple for some easy but impressive party canapés. Your friends and family are going to be impressed with this delicious range of easy to make a vol-au-vent selection. To make a batch of 24 vol-au-vent it will take around 40 mins to prepare and cook. Each vol-au-vent is made with a cream cheese filling which makes them cheap to rustle up too - perfect if you're doing a party spread on a budget. They're also our favourite retro party food!

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  • Prawns pil pil

    Gambas Pil Pil

    A classic Spanish tapas dish, this prawn pil pil dish would make the perfect Spring recipe to add a real variety to your diet this month. With plenty of fragrant garlic and spicy paprika, red pepper and a helping of dry sherry, this prawn pil pil recipe is full of flavor and works really well as a main option when served up with new potatoes and kale. It’s simple, healthy and really tasty, so is the perfect treat to try for dinner this week.

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  • Jamie Oliver's prawn curry

    Jamie Oliver's prawn curry

    Jamie Oliver's prawn curry recipe is an easy recipe that you'll want to make time again. This simple Jamie Oliver recipe is full of flavour and ready in just 20 mins. This delicious recipe is inspired by South Indian cooking and has a lovely light coconut milk sauce. Made using his Phillips HomeCooker, Jamie filled his curry with juicy monkfish, prawns and plenty of rich flavour. This prawn curry recipe serves 4 people and will take around 20 mins to rustle up. It's a family favourite that you'll want to make every week. Brown mustard seeds, chilli, ginger and garlic give this prawn curry a real kick of flavour - you'll love the sauce if you're looking for a curry with a punch of flavour. Leftovers can be stored in an airtight container in the fridge for up 1 days. Reheat thoroughly before serving. This dish is perfect served with rice, brown or white.

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  • Slimming world prawn curry

    Slimming World chiang mai prawn and courgette curry

    With a long coastline and hundreds of tropical islands, it’s no surprise that seafood is a big part of Thailand’s cuisine. This simple puts chunky prawns with courgettes and coconut milk to create a curry with an unforgettable flavour. This Slimming World chiang mai prawn and courgette curry combines loads of rich, indulgent flavours while still keeping the calories down so it's perfect if you're trying to be good. The spice paste for the base is so simple to make, too. You can make it in bulk and freeze it to help make dinners midweek super speedy.

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  • baked prawn parcels

    Slimming World's baked prawn parcels

    These clever Slimming World baked prawn parcels are filled with flavour and goodness and your friends and family will enjoy the fun of opening them at the table. They are so quick and easy to make for something so delicious, what's not to love! Shaving the courgette and asparagus is a great alternative way to enjoy the vegetables and add to the aesthetic and texture of the dish to give a great, fresh crunch. You can use this method for lots of other seafood too. If you prefer shellfish or salmon pop some in instead, just adjust the cooking times slightly to suit!

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  • Thai green prawn curry

    Thai green prawn curry with broccoli

    Thai green prawn curry with broccoli is a speedy curry recipe that's ready in just 15 minutes and makes a healthy family meal, containing 1 of your 5-a-day portions of fruit and vegetables. Broccoli is packed full of vitamins, protein and calcium, as well as plenty more minerals, so it's a fab choice if you're trying to get more green veg in your diet. This recipe is perfect for when you're cooking for a family, or even when you're entertaining. Serve with steamed rice - either jasmine, plain or coconut for a really tasty dinner. You'll never have to pick up a takeaway menu again!

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  • Prawn chilli linguine

    Prawn linguine

    This wonderfully light prawn linguine is the perfect healthy supper for the family. The zesty and fiery chilli dressing is an optional extra but works so well with this fishy dish. It's also a good one to learn for all future seafood dishes - it could even be used as a marinade for chicken and salmon fillets. You could make the dressing in advance and keep chilled until ready to cook the pasta and prawns to add - it's always best to make the prawn linguine on the day. Even still it's a quick and stylish supper to serve to friends too, and minimal stress for the cook. If you fancy switching in prawns for King prawns then that would make a tasty addition to this prawn linguine!

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  • Aromatic green chicken curry

    Indian green chicken curry

    This flavoursome Indian curry, packed with fresh herbs and spices is tastier and healthier than a takeaway and is ready in 35 mins or the time it takes for delivery. Packed with plenty of spice – this chicken curry recipe uses chillies, cumin seeds and turmeric to give it a kick, while Greek-style yogurt to give it a lovely creaminess too. Try it this week instead of a takeaway and you’ll be converted!

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  • Joe Wicks Body Coach Lean in 15 spiced prawns and potatoes

    Lean in 15 spiced prawns and potatoes

    Joe Wicks' spiced prawns and potatoes are ideal for after you've had a work out. This recipe is packed with carbs and protein to help maintain muscle and keep you feeling nice and full all evening. If you're feeding more than just yourself simply adjust the quantities accordingly and don't be put off by the use of the word 'spicy', this flavour comes from paprika and turmeric making it an ideal family meal, too. Joe says, "All hail the microwave – the king of quick carbs. It makes a Lean in 15 life so much easier. This dish is simple but satisfying."

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  • Sesame seed prawn toasts

    Sesame prawn toast

    These sesame prawn toasts would make the perfect starter for any Chinese meal. Ideal for Chinese New Year celebrations or family parties, these finger-licking prawn bites are easy to make and taste delicious too. Coated in nutty sesame seeds and full of a soft prawn puree filling, these party nibbles only take 20 mins to cook and are only 54 calories and 3g of fat per portion – result! They’re much healthier to make from scratch than to buy in the supermarket because you know exactly what is in them. Serve with a sweet chilli dip and watch them disappear in seconds. If you have any leftover pop them in the fridge and use within 2 days.

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  • Peri Peri Prawns and spicy rice

    Peri peri prawns and spicy rice

    This zesty dish of peri peri prawns with red and green peppers and turmeric goes really well with some spicy rice. Let the uncooked prawns soak up the peri peri flavour in a fridge before cooking them over a high heat. The lemon-and-chilli flavoured peppery spice truly brings out the best in prawns. Smoked paprika and green and red peppers with mixed vegetable stock give the rice the extra oomph it needs to really compliment the spicy flavour. This colourful seafood plate looks great and tastes even better, so give it a try!

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  • Easy prawn and lentil curry

    Easy prawn and lentil curry

    Easy prawn and lentil curry is one of our favourite options for when you're in a hurry! It's really filling, healthy and so easy to make. Lentils are high in fibre and have so many nutrients, they're a low-calorie pulse and have virtually no fat so you can't go wrong with them! This curry is the perfect recipe for a speedy dinner or lunch, but it's actually just as nice if you want to leave the prawns out and have it as a side dish to an Indian feast. Depending on how much heat you can handle, you might want to leave the chilli out, or you can add more if you like your curry a bit more fiery!

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