Red cabbage recipes

  • How to cook red cabbage

    How to cook red cabbage

    Learn how to cook the perfect red cabbage to serve with your Christmas dinner with our easy…

  • Red cabbage and poppy-seed coleslaw

    Red cabbage slaw

    This red cabbage slaw recipe is a great twist on a classic. The red cabbage works wonders…

  • Moroccan coleslaw

    Moroccan-style coleslaw

    Our delicious Moroccan-style slaw is a real winner with the whole family. Mix spices and…

  • Crispy fish tacos with coleslaw

    Crispy fish tacos with coleslaw

    Crispy fish tacos with zingy coleslaw make a Mexican-inspired dinner that everyone can make…

  • Vegetarian Kievs

    Vegetarian Kievs with Moroccan red cabbage

    If you're a vegetarian you don't have to miss out on a classic Kiev, well not with this…

  • Christmas cabbage

    Christmas cabbage

    Christmas cabbage makes a delicious savoury side to cut through the richness of your meat…

  • Chinese cabbage salad

    Chinese red cabbage

    Chinese red cabbage is a deliciously fragrant alternative to the British version. Packed…

  • red cabbage recipe

    Red cabbage

    Red cabbage will make the perfect side dish for your roast dinner or Christmas dinner. Not…

  • braised cabbage

    Braised red cabbage

    Braised red cabbage is deliciously warming veggie side dish for the cooler months. It goes…

  • Pickled red cabbage recipe

    Pickled red cabbage

    Our classic pickled red cabbage recipe is so easy to make at home. This crunchy, tangy…

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