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  • Christmas club sandwich

    16 festive sandwiches to make and devour this Christmas

    Everyone loves a Christmas sandwich so we've collected the best ideas we could find to make your Christmas sandwich extra special, from snowman-shaped sarnies to leftover turkey baps layered with the rest of your Christmas leftovers

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  • cottage loaf recipe

    Cottage loaf recipe

    This tasty, round, cottage loaf is a fun bake to perfect at home thanks to its interesting shape - the perfect bread recipe for the ambitious beginner baker! A traditional cottage loaf is a made up of two circular layers of deliciously enriched white bread to give it its distinct shape. Our recipe, using a good helping of yeast, has a beautiful crumb and springy texture. We've tried and tested our recipe to make one cottage loaf, but you could easily double or triple the mixture to make a few loaves at once. Bread freezes really well and makes a fantastic thing to pull out at the last minute to impress friends and family with. You could even slice it up before freezing so each piece is ready to defrost more quickly, or is ready to pop straight in the toaster. Once you've mastered this cottage loaf you can choose what to put on it, the fun part! We like it still warm from the oven with a good layer of butter to melt into the top, delicious.

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  • Joe Wicks fish finger sandwich

    Joe Wicks' fish finger sandwich

    Joe Wicks' fish finger sandwich is another great Body Coach recipe that you can make in no time. This Joe Wicks' fish finger sandwich serves two people, but you can easily double up the quantities if you're feeding more people. It will only take you around 15 mins to prepare this fish finger sandwich and another 10 mins to cook them, so you can have dinner ready to be eaten on the table in just 25 mins - from scratch! If you want a lighter meal, you can still use this recipe to make the fish fingers and serve with a fresh green salad instead of making a sandwich. Fish is a great source of protein and generally has less calories than meat, so these fish fingers will still be a filling meal without breaking the diet. Making your own fish fingers is also a genius way to avoid nasty ingredients in your food, as you can make them as basic as you want and know exactly what you're putting in them, so they're a healthy option without compromising on taste. To make this fish finger sandwich even tastier, Joe Wicks says you can spice up your fish fingers by adding ground spices such as paprika or cumin to the flour or breadcrumbs.

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  • salt beef recipe

    Salt beef

    Salt beef is a sandwich favourite and making it is not that hard with our simple salt beef recipe. Cooking your own salt beef can seem like a bit of an undertaking, but it's not complicated or difficult. There are several steps to the process of cooking salt beef and you need to let it soak in a pickling mixture for about 7 days. This brine mainly contains spices like coriander seeds and juniper berries to give the beef brisket a great savoury flavour. Where you leave the beef brisket is also very important – make sure you leave it in a cool place or in the fridge for the 7 days it’s resting in the liquid. During this time is also important that you turn it everyday to make sure the brine reaches the whole beef brisket. Your effort will definitely pay off because when salted and cooked, salt beef is melting tender and falls apart, making it one of the best sandwich toppings. Salt beef is delicious piled onto bagels or rye bread with plenty of pickles and mustard. Cooked salt beef will keep in the fridge for a week, so you can make it on the weekend and have it ready to top lunch sandwiches during the week or even just have it as a snack in between meals. If you’re going out with the family for a picnic or a day out, making this salt beef ahead and using it to make sandwiches is also a great idea that will help you save money too. Traditionally saltpetre or sodium nitrite is used in the salting mixture to keep the meat pink - you can buy it from some sausage making websites, but it's not essential.

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  • Snozcumber Sandwiches

    The BFG's Snozzcumber sandwiches

    The BFG's Snozzcumber sandwiches are a speedy kids sandwich recipe that makes a cucumber and cream cheese sandwich a lot more fun. If you kids love Roald Dahl, then they will love this recipe! We've used thinly sliced gherkins which have been added to the top to really bring the mini sandwich bites to life and we've used rye bread which is much healthier than a white bread option. You can mix things up a little and even add tuna, smoked salmon or tomatoes to these mini sandwich bites or combine them with your kids' favourite flavours to make something extra special! These are ideal for an after-school snack, lunchbox filler (if you sandwich it together with another slice of rye bread) or even as a speedy lunch or dinner for the kids. If you're packing a picnic, these sandwiches are perfect - you can throw them together in 15 minutes which means it's a no-fuss recipe that's ideal for when you're short on time or lacking inspiration - plus, the kids will love them and will be asking for them time and time again.

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  • Mediterranean layered sandwich

    Mediterranean stuffed layered picnic loaves

    These Mediterranean stuffed layered loaves are perfect to bring along to a summer picnic - full of mozzarella and tasty, juicy veg, it's a really great change from the usual cheese sandwiches. Not only does it taste delicious, it also looks really impressive too, as you can see all the colours from the different veg and mozzarella in all the layers when you cut through. Make sure you take the time to chill the sandwiches in the fridge for a few hours, as the recipe recommends, because this way the juices from the grilled veg will have time to soak into the bread, not only keeping it extra moist but also adding a really fab flavour to it. This Mediterranean layered sandwich is a great grown-up choice for a picnic, and ideal for sharing with friends! Make the night before so all you need to do is grab them from the fridge before you leave!

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  • Welsh rarebit

    Welsh rarebit

    This classic Welsh rarebit recipe is so easy. Strong cheese mixed with mustard and ale makes the most satisfying topping for toast in this traditional lunch or teatime treat for the kids. In just 20 minutes you can have this on the table making it a great stand by option when you need a filling snack fast. It can also be made into a nifty meal with a big pile of salad and some cold meats. This recipe serves 4-6 people and will take only 20 mins to prepare and cook. A portion of this delicious dish works out at only 291 calories per serving.

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  • Spooky sandwiches

    Spooky sandwiches

    Spooky sandwiches are so simple to make with ham, beetroot coleslaw and ketchup, shaped to make coffins. Perfect as healthier Halloween party food. This recipe makes 20 sandwiches, perfect for kids' parties or Halloween celebrations when feeding a lot of people. Taking only 10 mins to make, you can cut each sarne into creepy shapes including coffins, gravestones and ghosts. Your little ones are going to love them!

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  • BBQ chicken baguettes

    BBQ chicken baguettes

    BBQ chicken baguettes are made with mini chicken fillest smothered in BBQ sauce and piled with onion rings and salad. Oh, and cheese - and garlic butter! These loaded baguettes are so easy to make and are great for a casual dinner. Line up all the ingredients and let everyone create their own, with as much or as little of each topping as they like.

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  • Salmon and cream cheese sandwich

    Salmon and cream cheese sandwich

    Salmon and cream cheese sandwiches are a great healthy lunch option for grown up diners and little ones alike. Younger children might not be so keen on the green leaves, but let them have a play or try shredding them and mixing them in to disguse their texture. Once they're familiar with the ingredients, they're more likely to tuck in.

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  • Christmas reindeer sandwiches

    Christmas reindeer sandwiches

    'To make sandwiches more exciting for my young boys I often cut the bread into interesting shapes, but I've pulled out all the stops this time. How can the most stubborn bread hater resist these cute reindeer sandwiches? It takes next to no time to shape and add the simple face to this sandwich. My four year old was so excited to find a reindeer sandwich in his lunchbox, while my husband even took several into work!'

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  • Chicken pesto Panini recipe

    Chicken pesto Panini

    This is a great way to turn left over cold cooked chicken into a tasty and filling Italian-style toasted sandwich. If you don’t have a cast-iron skillet or griddle pan then just lightly toast the bread under a hot grill. Alternatively if you have a sandwich press you can simply make up the sandwich with untoasted bread and pop in the press for a few minutes until golden and melting. Look out for different varieties of pesto to use instead of the classic green, you could use red pesto made with sun-dried tomatoes or for a more peppery flavour try a rocket pesto.

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