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  • These melt-in-the-mouth savoury cheese scones are best eaten slightly warm, split and spread with a generous…

    Makes: 8-10

    Total time: 30 mins

  • These crisp and golden pastry triangles have a spicy curried beef filling and make a tasty starter served with…

    Makes: 16

    Total time: 50 mins

  • This delicious chicken pie, packed with mushrooms and gravy, can be adapted to suit your family - so if you…

    Serves: 4-6

    Total time: 2 hrs 30 mins

  • The classic combination of spinach and Stilton, these dainty individual tarts are a great tasty addition to any…

    Makes: 12

    Total time: 45 mins

  • Celebrate any occasion with this party favourite! Pork and herb sausages with finely chopped onion and English…

    Makes: 12

    Total time: 45 mins

  • This traditional French quiche makes an easy family meal, a delicious lunch served cold or a tasty addition to…

    Serves: 4

    Total time: 1 hr

  • Goat's cheese melts wonderfully and is the perfect topping to this vegetarian tarts. Great as a starter or as a…

    Serves: 4

  • These scones are very moreish! Serve them warm filled with slices of camembert and sliced tomato.

    Serves: 6-8

  • These sausage rolls aren't nearly as hard to make as they look. Pop a little onion jam and a sausage onto…

    Makes: 6

    Total time: 30 mins

  • Individual puff pastry tarts filled with oven caramelized leek and scallops. Delicious as an indulgent first…

    Makes: 4

  • Asparagus is low in cholesterol and contains no calories, making it one of the healthiest veg around- combined…

    Makes: 8

    Total time: 25 mins

  • Celeb chef Valentine Warner's cold chicken, ham and leek pie is irresistible. It's brilliant for picnics and…

    Serves: 10

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