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  • Italian meringue buttercream cupcakes

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    How to make cupcakes, cupcake icing videos, cake video recipes, Woman's Weekly video recipes, chef interview videos, roast dinner video recipes

  • oreo dessert layer cake

    Oreo dessert layer cake

    Our Oreo dessert layer cake is the perfect recipe for when you want to make a show stopping cake but donít want to turn on the oven! The layers of sweet vanilla cream and crunchy sandwich cookies come together to make the ultimate easy but impressive cake. Oreo desserts are always a popular choice for family events and kids birthday parties, so why not try making this Oreo dessert layer cake as a birthday cake for your favourite Oreo lover? This Oreo dessert cake can be prepared up to two days in advance, but needs to be left overnight before serving to allow the biscuits to soften slightly. This means that the cake is easy to cut into, and more importantly bite into, but still has a subtle cookie crunch. This Oreo dessert layer cake is easy but so impressive, and celebrates the classic flavour of cookies and cream that we all know and love.

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  • McDonalds delivery

    9 mind-blowing McDonald's hacks that will change your life

    From a secret menu to money-saving cheats, it has never tasted so good

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  • limoncello pots

    Limoncello pots with almond biscuits

    Limoncello pots are a creamy and indulgent dessert with a fresh, zesty flavour. Weíve served ours with home made almond biscuits, which are ready in no time but make this into a really stunning and impressive dessert that is perfect for dinner parties. The sweet and crunchy almond biscuits complement the smooth limoncello pots and have a rich and nutty taste. The tangy lemon cuts through the richness of the creamy crŤme fraiche to give a really balanced dessert. If youíve bought limoncello to make these limoncello pots, donít let the rest go to waste. Why not try mixing 2 tablespoons of limoncello with a glass of prosecco to make an easy but refreshing summer cocktail.

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  • Unicorn Froot Loops

    Kellogg's launches limited edition Unicorn Froot Loops cereal

    Would you pick up a box of these?

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  • Chicken and tomato pasta bake

    Chicken pasta bake is a classic family meal and this chicken and tomato pasta bake recipe is so easy to make! Nothing beats a chicken and tomato pasta bake for a delicious and filling midweek supper. This chicken pasta bake has a lovely rich garlic and tomato sauce and is topped with masses of melting mozzarella cheese for a really creamy topping. You can choose any shape of dried pasta - for this chicken pasta bake we've used spirals, but shells, twists or short-cut macaroni will work just as well. This easy chicken pasta is a great midweek family meal, especially if youíre short on time to make dinner as you can prepare it ahead. To prepare the bake in advance, leave the pasta and chicken and tomato sauce to cool in the dish, without the cheese topping. Cover and chill for up to 24 hrs. if youíre making this dish ahead and want to bake it from chilled, all you have to do is sprinkle with the cheese and cook at 200įC/400įF/Fan 180įC/Gas Mark 6 for 25-30 mins until piping hot. This is one of our favourite chicken and pasta recipes and we bet youíll love it too!

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  • garlic pork kievs

    Garlic pork Kievs

    Garlic pork Kievs are a tasty twist on the classic chicken Kiev. This family favourite is often bought pre-made, but making your own is easy with this simple recipe. Using pork makes an interesting change from the usual chicken, and still works so well with the Kiev-style flavours. This dish originated in Soviet catering, but is now popular in many different countries. The oozing garlic butter filling makes this dish rich and full of flavour, and the crispy breadcrumb coating has a hint of chilli which isnít overpowering but gives the garlic pork Kievs a slight kick. This dish is great for summer dinner parties, or just for a week-night or weekend dinner when you want something a bit more special, but without having to go to too much effort. Our garlic pork Kievs are perfect served with some herbed potatoes and green vegetables or a salad of your choice. If you're prepping these ahead you can make them up and leave them in the fridge for a few hours before cooking if it helps.

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  • Aldi gin
  • Spaghetti Bolognese

    Spaghetti Bolognese is a classic that we just don't get tired of. Our traditional spaghetti Bolognese recipe is made with homemade Bolognese sauce and tender chunks of beef, making this dish a family favourite. This spaghetti Bolognese recipe will be one of the best recipe for spaghetti Bolognese youíve ever tried, as itís been carefully tested in our kitchen. With this simple Bolognese recipe, you can ditch the jar of ready made sauce - it will be the best decision you ever make. This classic tomato-based sauce is flavoured with garlic, oregano and a hint of Worcestershire sauce, for an explosion of flavour. Because youíre making the delicious Bolognese sauce yourself from scratch, you can avoid the excessive quantities of salt and sugar that you sometimes find in shop-bought sauces Ė but donít worry, this Bolognese recipe is still easy and super simple to make. With this recipe for spaghetti Bolognese, you can feed 4 people, but if you need to make dinner for more people, all you have to do is double up this spaghetti Bolognese recipe. This easy spaghetti Bolognese recipe has also been triple tested in the Woman's Weekly kitchen so you know it's going to be a hit with your friends or family! This simple recipe will show you how to make spaghetti bolognese in the easiest way possible. It takes approximately 50 mins to make, so you can have dinner ready on the table in less than an hour, perfect if you want a homemade and filling supper but donít have much time. If you have any leftovers, pop into a Tupperware or airtight container and store in the fridge for up to 2 days. You could also freeze leftovers; just make sure you defrost thoroughly before reheating. It will be the best spaghetti Bolognese recipe youíve ever tried!

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  • Stuffed peppers with couscous, courgette and mozzarella

    Stuffed peppers are always a delicious recipe to whip after a busy day. This delicious stuffed peppers recipe looks impressive but it's so easy to make! A colourful Mediterranean-style dish with sun blushed tomatoes and melting mozzarella, you can trusts us when we say it tastes as good as it looks! Not only does a portion of this recipe equal one of your 5-a-day, it also works out at only 315 calories and 0.4g salt per serving. These stuffed peppers are ideal for lunch with a salad or served for dinner with new potatoes and fresh greens. Ready in just 30 mins, our stuffed peppers with couscous, courgette and mozzarella are vegetarian-friendly and are sure to tempt children with their vibrant colours and tasty flavours too.

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  • Fish pie recipe

    Fish pie

    Fish pie is a traditional recipe that's comforting and nutritious, made with white fish and smoked haddock. A guaranteed hit with the whole family! This easy fish pie recipe is the ultimate comfort food and itís perfect served with green beans or garden peas for an extra dose of vitamin-packed veg. A guaranteed hit with the whole family! This classic fish pie will take around 1hr and 20 mins to make and cook and is well worth the wait. This family-sized fish pie serves 6 people, so itís sure to become a family favourite. The best part of this mash-topped fish pie is the creamy, rich filling. White fish fillet and smoked haddock make a delicious combination in this pie. This fish pie is one of our top-rated recipes. Our user Jay says: 'It's excellent and have made it several times.' What do you think? Did you add something to our fish pie recipe to make it extra special? We always want to hear your twists on our dishes so leave us a comment to let us know how you made this recipe work for your family.

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