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  • Italian meringue buttercream cupcakes

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    How to make cupcakes, cupcake icing videos, cake video recipes, Woman's Weekly video recipes, chef interview videos, roast dinner video recipes

  • Cheap easter eggs

    The best cheap Easter eggs to buy for £5 and under

    The best deals for Easter 2017...

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  • Jamie Oliver
  • Deliciously Ella

    Deliciously Ella recipes: Ella Woodward's meal ideas

    From healthy lunch ideas to snacks, we've got some of the best Deliciously Ella recipes...

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  • Creme Egg toastie

    Creme Egg toasties are an indulgent breakfast choice, sure, but are they delicious? Absolutely. The combination of crisp butter-fried bread and melting chocolate is a no brainer for us when it comes to a tasty start to the day come Easter Sunday. As the fondant warms it becomes wonderfully sticky while the chocolate becomes soft and melts through any gaps in the bread, causing the best kind of overflow. We used a crusty white loaf cut into thick slices to give the Creme Egg toastie some structure and layered on plenty of creamy butter to get a golden, crisp crunch on the outside, which works perfectly with the soft middle. We went for Creme Eggs to make our toastie perfect for Easter and the spring time, when these little eggs are in the shops, but you could actually use this same technique for any chocolaty treat. Melting a Mars between crunchy buttered toast would be fabulous, as would just using squares of your favourite chocolate. Basically, what we're saying is - choose your favourite chocolate, sandwich it between toasted buttered bread and you won't be disappointed.

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  • Creme Egg ice cream

    What's better than Creme Egg ice cream? Creme Egg ice cream served in an Easter egg of course! We've gone with a really simple no-churn ice cream (because who has one of those fancy ice cream makers anyway? And whisking and whisking things frankly isn't for us). With just six ingredients you can whip up this beautifully marbled Creme Egg ice cream in minutes and have it in the freezer chilling in no time. Thanks to its pretty pastel colours and copious amounts of chocolate this makes a fab Easter Sunday dessert that both kids and adults will love. Plus, because it's easy to make ahead it will leave you with plenty of time to spend with friends and family on the big day if you're entertaining, making you look like a real super host.

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  • Anthony Bourdain

    Alternative ways chefs cook your favourite foods REVEALED!

    These chefs have shared some interesting hacks...

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  • Hidden restaurants

    Hidden Restaurants with Michel Roux Jr: Everything you need to know about the chef's new show

    Michel Roux Jr is on a quest to find Britain's best secret restaurants...

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  • Creme Egg milkshake

    This gooey and delicious Creme Egg milkshake is super easy to make and tastes as good as it looks. You don't need much to make this treat, just some Creme Eggs, some ice cream and milk and you're ready to go. If you're feeling in need of an even more indulgent treat then why not add a dash of rum? The rich flavour goes perfectly with chocolate and creates a delicious cocktail milkshake, perfect for adults. If you leave out the booze this Creme Egg milkshake is a cheap, quick and easy treat come Easter Sunday that the little ones can enjoy for dessert. Top with half a Creme Egg or even grate some chocolate over the top of the foamy whipped cream topping for a posh finish. Chocolate ice cream would work just as well in this recipe as an extra chocolaty milkshake twist.

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  • Creme Egg brownies

    Creme Egg brownies have become an Easter favourite with children and adults alike, and making them couldn't be easier with our simple and quick Creme Egg brownies recipe. Using a classic brownie recipe, these gooey and soft brownies are transformed into an Easter classic that's incredibly quick to make. You'll only need 10 minutes to prep the brownie mix using our classic chocolate brownie recipe and then all you have to do is pop them in the oven and wait for 20 minutes until this delicious Easter dessert is ready to be enjoyed. Topped with melting Creme Eggs, this tasty tray bake would be ideal for sharing this Easter with family and friends. The kids are just going to love the chocolaty goodness in each bite, and you can even ask for their help when making the brownies. They would definitely love to help put the Creme Eggs in the brownies – although they'll probably also sneakily eat a few too, so watch out! The Creme Eggs are added to the brownie mix five minutes before it's cooked, which means that the eggs will be warm and gooey inside. Serve with ice cream for dessert or have with a warm cuppa when the family come round. These would go down especially well on Easter Sunday if you're getting the whole family together, but you can also start practising as soon as Creme Eggs start to appear in the shops – it's never too early! This Creme Egg brownies recipe makes 12 so consider doubling the recipe if you've got a big family – we guarantee they'll vanish in seconds! Also, make sure you line your tin with greaseproof paper before baking some so there's no chance that your brownies will burn.

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  • Deliciously Ella's sweet potato noodles

    Sweet potato noodles are a great alternative to pasta if you're following a gluten free diet or simply if you want to up your veg intake. This Deliciously Ella recipe combines the spiralised sweet potato with a creamy and fragrant peanut satay sauce that goes really well these veggie noodles. To make this Deliciously Ella recipe, you will need a spiraliser but we think once you've got one it's a real investment for quick, healthy mid-week meals. If you odn't have a spiraliser then you can get ready made veggies noodles in most big supermarkets now. Once you've got your spiralised sweet potato noodles, all you have to do is cook them for ten minutes in a mixture of ginger, celery, garlic, mushrooms and olive oil, until they're tender. The satay peanut sauce is also super simple and quick to make - all you need to do is put all the ingredients in a blender and whizz them until smooth. This recipe uses crunchy peanut butter, but almond butter would also work if that's what you usually have in your cupboard. Ella says: 'These noodles were quite a revelation to me. They’re so much heartier and more filling than courgette noodles, and this satay sauce really brings them to life. It’s so incredibly creamy, with subtle hints of chilli and tangy lime. Together they make for the best pick-me-up dinner, healthy but comforting and bursting with flavour.'

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