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  • Tuna with grapefruit and beetroot salad

    Tuna with grapefruit and beetroot salad

    Served with couscous, this refreshing tuna salad with tangy grapefruit is great for lunch or supper, or as a quick, easy dinner party dish

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    (14 ratings)
  • Florida fruits with brioche

    Florida fruits with toasted brioche

    A breakfast dish that's full of sunshine, this fruit salad and toasted brioche combination is a great way to start your day

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    (1 ratings)
  • Avocado grapefruit and rocket salad

    Avocado grapefruit and rocket salad

    This zesty avocado grapefruit and rocket salad is a refreshing addition to any summer meal or buffet table. Ready in just 10 minutes, and coming in at under 230 calories per serving, it's a quick and easy healthy option that will taste delicious served alongside grilled meat or fish.

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  • Grapefruit and tequila cocktail

    Grapefruit and tequila cocktail

    Get the party started with these fruity grapefruit and tequila cocktails. They’re so simple to make and ideal for enjoying in the summer sunshine. This classic Mexican recipe will become a party favourite. Serve with thick lime wedges and rim each glass with salt for a traditional finish. The grapefruit works really well with the tequila to make it sweet and not too over powering.

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  • Citrus salad

    Grapefruit, beetroot and avocado salad

    This zesty and zingy citrus salad is full of taste and crammed with vitamin C

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    (10 ratings)
  • Grapefruit and lemon marmalade

    Grapefruit and lemon marmalade

    This sweet, tangy and smooth marmalade is delicious on toast

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    (32 ratings)
  • Grapefruit and pomegranate marmalade

    Rosy pink grapefruit and pomegranate marmalade

    Add a twist to your marmalade by using pink grapefruit and pomegranate juice instead of oranges. Perfect for spreading on toast or adding to your cooking

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    (1 ratings)
  • Roast duck with grapefruit and green bean salad

    Roast duck with grapefruit and green bean salad

    Impress your friends and family with this roast duck with grapefruit and green bean salad. This dish only takes 25 mins to make. Leave time to marinate your duck before cooking, as this will ensure it's full of flavour.

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  • Sweet as honey

    Sweet as honey

    This sweet cocktail is good all year round - refreshing in summer and warming in winter

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  • A prawn cocktail with avocado and pink grapefruit

    Prawn and two-fruit cocktail

    This prawn cocktail has avocado and grapefruit in it and comes with a delicious spicy mayonnaise and tomato ketchup dressing

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    (4 ratings)
  • Fruit flower cocktail

    Fruit flower cocktail

    Treat yourself to a refreshing long cocktail with grapefruit, elderflower and mint.

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    (5 ratings)
  • Citrus crab toasts

    Citrus crab toasts

    Meaty fresh crab combined with crème fraiche, tangy grapefruit and fresh chives makes a great topping on ciabatta toasts.

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    (7 ratings)

Showing 1-12 of 26 results

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