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  • Sweet wine and clementine jelly

    Sweet wine and clementine jelly

    A tempting family favourite with a grown-up twist - makes a good Christmas dessert too!

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    (13 ratings)
  • Cream jelly with vanilla strawberries

    Cream jelly with vanilla strawberries

    Smooth strawberries and cream jelly with juicy marinated berries and crushed almond biscuits to serve

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    (22 ratings)
  • Apple mint jelly

    Apple and mint jelly

    Serve this sweet and fragrant apple and fresh mint jelly with roast lamb. Making your own jellies, pickles and chutneys are a delicious way to store up the taste of summer! What are you waiting for?

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    (114 ratings)
  • strawberry, jelly,

    Grown-up strawberry jelly

    Jelly isn't just for the kids. This posh version uses fresh strawberries and chilled rosť wine, served with a delicate mint cream - definitely a dessert for the grown-ups

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    (9 ratings)
  • Vodka and red fruit jellies

    Red fruit vodka jellies

    Liven up Christmas dinner with these chic looking red fruit vodka jellies. This dessert is so simple to make - prepare in advance to give you more time to entertain guests.

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    (23 ratings)
  • Sparkling Rose Jelly

    Sparkling strawberry jelly

    This cool, glamorous dessert is the perfect pud to impress your guests. It's fabulous and light if you're already feeling full

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    (20 ratings)
  • Jelly worms

    How convincing do these jelly worms look? Made with a simple pack of jelly mix and some party straws, these worms are so easy to make for Halloween. These scary jelly worms are the perfect addition to any Halloween treats you're whipping up to have fun with the kids - pop on top of a Halloween cake, pack into your party punch to give it a creepy twist or eat them just as they are. They might look impressive to the little ones but you only need three simple ingredients to make these jelly worms. These jelly worms are also super speedy to make - can you believe they only take 10 mins? The kids are going to go crazy for these easy jelly worms - especially when they get to eat them. This recipe makes 100 worms with just 10 mins hands-on prep time (plus chilling time) so is perfect for Halloween parties.

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    (13 ratings)
  • Fruit trifle

    Mini fruit trifles

    Try this fabulous recipe for a regally themed trifle with strawberries, raspberries, rose jelly and vanilla custard. Top with cheerful decorations for a fun Jubilee street party!

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  • Gordon Ramsay Italian-style trifle

    Gordon Ramsay's Italian-style trifle

    This Gordon Ramsay dessert is most definitely a boozy trifle! Prepare ahead and leave in the fridge to allow the flavours to mingle

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    (24 ratings)
  • This is a great dessert or afternoon treat. This sweet and soft jelly is served with whipped cream , raspberries and redcurrants. It is also great without the cream and fruits

    Honeycomb jelly

    A great dessert for parties or everyday. This vanilla-flavoured jelly, adapted from a recipe from 1912, has a honeycomb colour, topped with whipped cream, raspberries and redcurrants - a colourful and delicious pud

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    (5 ratings)
  • Fruit jelly

    Fruit jelly

    You canít throw a childrenís party without jelly and ice cream and hereís an easy way. Itís so simple the kids can help you make it. By adding fresh fruit it will just help build towards one of their five a day too. It only takes 5 mins to prepare and the hard part is waiting for it to set Ė itís just so delicious and simple and the perfect dessert recipe within budget.

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  • Quince jelly

    Quince jelly

    This quince jelly recipe is really simple and works just as well on crumpets as it does with red meat and cheese. Quince jelly can be expensive in the shops, even for the little tubs, so it's well worth making your own at home for a fraction of the price. The jelly has a really lovely texture that spreads over crumpets or toast really easily, as it does over crackers when served with cheese. It goes particularly well with Manchego, which is a hard cheese that's quite creamy and not too strong, and because the quince jelly isn't too sweet (much less so than jam), they go really well together.

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