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  • Jo Pratt's pork and porcini stroganoff

    Foodie and writer Jo Pratt has shared this pork and porcini stroganoff, a delicious version of the classic beef stroganoff. Using porcini mushrooms and pork fillets the recipe is given a modern spin but still complete with the creamy sauce we all love! This easy pork and porcini stroganoff is going to become a family classic in your house - watch the video to make the recipe even simpler to follow.

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    (21 ratings)
  • Video recipe: Jo Pratt’s red pepper braised wild rice

    Spice up your rice with this simple recipe - watch our video for how to make it

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    (9 ratings)
  • Jo Pratt's fish pie

    Jo Pratt's fish crumble

    Dive into Jo Pratt's fish pie and you'll find salmon, prawns and scallops in there. This really is a luxury crumble just waiting to be gobbled up!

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    (26 ratings)
  • Video recipe: Jo Pratt's sweet onion & dolcelatte tarts with pear and walnut salad

    A super speedy starter that doesn’t compromise on flavour - watch our video for how to make them

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    (12 ratings)
  • Jo Pratt's sausage bread and butter pudding

    Jo Pratt's sausage bread and butter pudding

    Turn a British classic pud into a delicious savoury dinner with the addition of meaty sausages and a mustard-seasoned custard, which soaks into the bread

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    (2 ratings)
  • Quinoa broccoli feta salad

    Quinoa, feta and broccoli salad

    Celeb chef Jo adds quinoa, a super-healthy South American protein, to this tasty salad with feta cheese, broccoli and pomegranate. Quinoa is a super healthy grain thanks to its rich protein content and high fibre and iron content. Broccoli is a great addition to this dish thanks to its high content of vitamin C and vitamin K, as well as folate and dietary fibre. Adding creamy feta gives a great salty and smooth addition to the crunchy broccoli and combines really well with the rest of the ingredients to make this salad so delicious. Give it a got this week for a tasty lunch or dinner recipe and yhou won’t be disappointed.

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    (39 ratings)
  • Pork, broccoli and blackbean stir-fry

    Jo Pratt's pork, broccoli and blackbean stir-fry

    This stir-fry has an oriental feel to it, with succulent pork and a rich blackbean sauce - perfect for a quick meal at home.

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  • Orange and cinnamon mince pies

    Orange and cinnamon mince pies

    For mince pies with a twist, try Jo Pratt's take on the Christmas classic with a festive orange and cinnamon crumble on top

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    (17 ratings)
  • Chicken, Tenderstem and Rosemary Risotto

    Chicken, broccoli and rosemary risotto

    Worried that risotto is too hard to make? Jo Pratt's simple chicken risotto recipe couldn't be easier and the warming flavours make it the perfect comfort food fix.

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  • Children's club sarnie

    Children’s club sarnie

    Created by food writer and mum Jo Pratt, this this double-decker sarnie is filled with tasty tomato salsa, bacon, lettuce and cream cheese.

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  • Stir-fried sweet chilli pork with baby sweetcorn and red pepper

    Your hassle-free one-month meal planner: week three

    Our easy-to-follow meal planner helps you maximise your time and money. Plan your shopping or pick and choose recipes as you like. With easy family food, celeb chef recipes and tips from Economy Gastronomy’s Paul Merrett, there's something for everyone.

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  • Miso cod with wok-fried broccoli and noodles

    Jo Pratt's miso cod with wok-fried noodles

    A tasty fish recipe from food writer Jo Pratt. The marinated cod is served with wok-fried broccoli and shiitake mushroom noodles.

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