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  • Venison steaks with roasted parsnip rosti

    Venison steaks with roasted parsnip rosti

    Low in fat but high in taste, this delicious main course is a healthier option for all the family. Learn how to cook venison steaks with th recipe

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  • Meat and mushroom stew with potatoes and carrots

    Venison and mushroom stew

    Try something different with our venison stew recipe. This is a tasty, hearty dish for the whole family and it's quite easy to cook.

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    (20 ratings)
  • Roast venison with thyme pears and port

    Venison with thyme pears & port

    This roast venison dish looks and tastes delicious! Perfect for a late Sunday lunch or to impress dinner party guests.

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  • Bramble-glazed venison with roasted veg

    Bramble-glazed venison with roasted veg

    Lean and tasty, venison steaks are quick to cook - and make an impressive dinner for two.

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  • This one pot slow cooked venison is tasty and succulent. The meat is very tender with flavours from thyme and bay leaf. A great meal for the whole family. Frozen vegetables and ptatoes are used so this saves time.

    Venison hotpot

    A delicious one pot meal for the whole family of four. The venison is slow cooked until very tender and juicy. Thyme and bay leaf are added for background flavour

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  • venison in red wine

    Venison in red wine

    For easy entertaining on New Yearís eve you canít beat this tender venison in red wine casserole. Marinate the meat for a few hours or overnight in red wine with juniper berries, rosemary and bay leaves to allow all the flavours to infuse into the meat, before cooking in the oven for about 2 hours. Serve with a big bowl of creamy mash and some green veg for a delicious meal thatís easy on the cook. You can replace the venison with lean braising steak if preferred, just add an extra 30 mins to the cooking time. Donít stint on the wine you use for cooking, what goes in the pot should be good enough for you to drink, something like a fruity French Cotes du Rhone would be perfect.

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  • venison burger and chips

    Venison burger and chips

    A complete main meal for just 295 calories and it's low in fat too as venison is a meat which is naturally low in fat. With plenty of flavour, this delicious dish is makes a much healthier change from your usual burger and chips. Homemade chips are much tastier and healthier to make in the comfort of your own kitchen. Tender chunks of venison sandwiched between soft buns and plenty of garnish makes these burgers irresistible.

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  • This roasted venison has a fruity taste of juniper berries. A delicious sauce is made from simmering Creme de Cassis in the roasting tin.

    Roasted rack of venison with cranberries

    This succulent rack of venison is roasted with crushed juniper berries and cloves. Creme de Cassis is simmered in the roasting tin and reduced to make a delicious sauce.

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  • Venison and Shallot Burger

    Venison burgers with blue cheese

    You can use Stilton, Roquefort or Dolcelatte in these succulent venison burgers topped with crispy bootlace shallots

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  • Venison steaks in Marsala

    Venison steaks in Marsala

    Push the boat out with these venison steaks in Marsala. Theyíre so easy to cook and the Masala sauces adds a great flavour and moist texture to the steaks making them ooze with flavour. Serve on a bed of rice with some fresh greens and this dish would make the perfect Valentineís dinner or weekend treat for a couple. You could try this recipe with beef steak instead and it should work just as well. Top with grated orange or lemon for a sweet and tangy burst of flavour and enjoy.

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  • Turkey and Cranberry Cups

    Turkey, venison and cranberry cups

    If you fancy turkey, but don't want the stress of cooking a a whole bird why not try out these tasty little pastries. Made with turkey, sausagemeat and topped with cranberries they truly are a Christmas delight.

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  • Szechuan venison stir-fry

    Szechuan venison stir-fry

    Turn a boring stir-fry into something extra special with the addition of venison, a lovely, lean meat.

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