Soup recipes

  • Broccoli and Stilton soup

    This tasty broccoli and Stilton soup recipe is a GoodtoKnow favourite! Topped with mini…

  • Broccoli soup

    This easy broccoli soup recipe is a healthy option and a great way of using up leftover…

  • Cream of courgette soup

    Cream of courgette soup recipe is so easy to make and a delicious light, healthy lunch…

  • Butternut squash soup

    Learn how to make butternut squash soup with our simple recipe. Use our easy soup recipe to…

  • Oriental chicken noodle soup

    Try this delicious Oriental chicken noodle soup recipe from Woman's Weekly. This quick soup…

  • Chicken soup

    This easy and delicious chicken soup recipe is a real classic. You'll want to make it over…

  • Gazpacho

    This easy Gazpacho recipe is a classic. There is nothing more refreshing on a scorching hot…

  • Slimming World's low-fat tomato soup

    Slimming World's low-fat tomato soup recipe is a really easy and delicious soup that takes…

  • Tomato soup

    This classic tomato soup recipe is the perfect recipe to whip up on a cold winter's…

  • Mushroom soup

    Mushroom soup is a really simple soup recipe to make and can be on the table in under an…

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  • Chowder

    Edam, Haddock, Mussel and Bacon Chowder

    A chowder is a really filling soup, normally with seafood…

  • Bread

    Paul Hollywood's cob loaf recipe from The Great British Bake Off

    If you're looking for a homemade bread recipe, you've com…

  • Butternut squash soup

    Butternut squash soup

    After a squash soup recipe? Butternut squash is in season…

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