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  • Pecan pie recipe

    Pecan pie

    Pecan pie is a classic American pastry tart filled with a buttery syrup and packed with pecan nuts, which is traditionally served for Thanksgiving. We think our pecan pie recipe is delicious served with vanilla ice cream or clotted cream for an extra special dessert once the nights start getting cooler and autumn draws in. You could also make individual pecan tarts if liked, just cook them a little less and use minature pie tins. If you want a more earthy flavour you could use half maple syrup and half golden syrup, this will make your pie deliciously dark and rich.

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  • Classic pumpkin pie

    Pumpkin pie is a wonderful seasonal recipe and our easy, classic pumpkin pie is a real treat for Halloween, Bonfire Night, thanksgiving, or as a delicious pud to enjoy after a warming roast. Delicious eaten warm with lashings of cream, or perhaps a scoop of real dairy vanilla bean ice-cream…we can feel our mouths watering just thinking about it! Don’t know what to do with all of the leftover pumpkin once you’ve carved yours ready for Halloween? Well a classic pumpkin pie is one of the best ways to use up leftover pumpkin, especially when it's in season in autumn. Perfect for Halloween or Bonfire Night, this mouth-watering pumpkin pie recipe is best served topped with a sweet cream mix and dusted with cinnamon for a warming taste. This recipe serves 10 people, perfect if you've got the family round for dinner – or if you want some to save to enjoy later in the week! It should take around 2 hours and 25 minutes to prepare and bake this pumpkin pie – and you can trust us when we say it is well worth the wait! We’ve added a wonderful twist to this tasty pumpkin pie recipe by adding raisins into the mix. The raisins add sweet bursts of flavour throughout the thick, rich pumpkin flavour and gives this classic recipe a fresh and modern feel. We like to make baking as easy, quick and enjoyable as possible, so our pumpkin pie recipe uses ready-made shortcrust pastry. But, if you’re up for a challenge, inspired by Bake Off, or simply enjoy baking and experimenting in the kitchen, you can make your own. Whether you choose to do it yourself or by ready-made pastry, this pumpkin pie recipe is sure to impress and make a truly tasty dessert for you to serve this season!

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  • Mince pies

    Mince pies are synonymous with Christmas for a reason. Full of festive flavour and wonderful spices such as as cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg, you get a taste of Christmas in every bite! Learn how to make perfect mince pies for Christmas with this classic recipe, which comes out perfectly every time! This mince pies recipe takes a bit of time to prepare and you need to make the mixture the day before - but they're worth every fruity bite. Homemade mincemeat is so much better than shop-bought, and it's that taste of Christmas that nothing compares to. Make a batch to share over the run up to Christmas, whether you're passing them round at your Christmas party or having them with a glass of mulled wine on Christmas Eve. This recipe makes 12 classic mince pies topped with pastry stars and will take around 50 mins to prepare and 20 mins to cook. There's no better way to get into the Christmas spirit.

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  • Sweet potato pie

    Sweet potato pie

    Sweet potato pie is a deliciously spiced autumnal dessert. You may be familiar with the American classic, pumpkin pie, and this recipe takes similar flavours, but makes it much more accessible as you only need sweet potatoes, not canned pumpkin, which can be trickier to find in the UK. The spiced flavour notes from cinnamon and nutmeg make this a warming and comforting dessert, perfect served with a good dollop of crème fraiche. The natural sweetness and moisture of the sweet potato means that there is much less added sugar and fat than in other desserts, making this a healthier option when choosing a winter pie. When Autumn comes around, and the leaves start to fall, we go crazy for pumpkin spice everything, and this sweet potato pie is the perfect way to incorporate this seasonal trend into a pudding. To match the Autumn theme, we cut leaves out of extra pastry to decorate our sweet potato pie, but it is as equally delicious served up plain.

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  • Banoffee pie

    Our classic banoffee pie recipe uses condensed milk to make an easy and quick caramel from scratch. This recipe is much easier to make than you may think! The base is only made from 2 ingredients - digestive biscuits and butter. The creamy topping is made with bananas and double cream. Once you've tried this dessert, you'll want to make it time and time again. Love bananas? Love toffee? Well, you're going to love this classic dessert recipe! This recipe serves 8 people and will take only 40 mins to prepare and cook. The buttery biscuit base, the caramel and the rich cream topping work wonders together. This traditional banoffee pie is a real showstopper. Take this dessert to the next level and serve with ice cream and melted chocolate. Leftovers can be stored in an airtight container in the fridge for up to 2 days.

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  • Quick lemon meringue pie

    Quick lemon meringue pie

    This quick lemon meringue pie is the perfect cheat's recipe that takes only 30 mins to prepare. This delicious sweet pie serves 6 people and is a speedy option when it comes to making a classic spring dessert. This recipe uses only 4 ingredients; readymade shortcrust pastry, lemon curd, eggs and sugar to make the meringue - it's so simple. This easy lemon meringue pie is a real family favourite and perfect for serving up with fresh cream after a hearty Sunday roast. This pie is best made and eaten on the same day but if you have any leftovers, pop into an airtight container and store in the fridge for up to 2 days.

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  • Blueberry pie recipe

    Blueberry pie

    This American blueberry pie recipe is a classic. Made with soft buttery pastry and packed with heaps of tangy blueberries, this easy pie is perfect. This recipe shows you how to make both the filling and the delicious pie crust from scratch. If you want to give this pie a twist, you can add different berries to the mix too; how about a pack of mixed, seasonal berries instead? It will take you just over an hour to make and serves around 6-8 people. Everyone will love this classic pie with cream or ice cream! Once you've mastered this recipe you'll want to make it time and time again.

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  • Lemon meringue pie

    Lemon meringue pie

    This classic lemon meringue pie recipe is a real favourite. Crisp meringue on a rich lemony filling – no wonder this zesty classic is still a firm family favourite. It almost looks too good to eat! This recipe serves 8 people and takes around 1hr and 5 mins to make and bake. It's a traditional recipe with a time-saving cheat, it uses readymade pastry. You can make your own pastry case if preferred - it's simple! A portion of this mouth-watering pie works out at only 364 calories per serving. This classic dessert is made with fresh lemons instead of lemon curd but if you're a lemon curd fan you could add some to the base and filling. Store any leftovers in an airtight container in the fridge for up to 2 days. Serve with ice cream or fresh cream.

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  • Gooseberry pie

    Gooseberry pie

    This tangy gooseberry pie recipe is simple to make and packed full of fruity gooseberries that are delicious when in season. This is a double crust fruit pie with a delicious gooseberry filling. A lovely recipe to make when gooseberries are in season – you can often buy them frozen if you have difficulties finding fresh, alternatively perhaps you grow your own. The gooseberries are so tangy and fruity, you’ll just love the flavour, especially with the buttery pastry coating. The mint in this pie goes very well with the gooseberries. Serve the pie hot or cold with custard, cream or ice cream. This recipe serves 4-6 people and will take around 1hr and 35 mins to make and bake.

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  • peachcustard

    Peaches and custard pie

    The ultimate comfort food to end a meal – this buttery sweet pastry tart filled with sliced juicy peaches and custard is best served hot from the oven!

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  • Raspberry meringue pie

    Raspberry meringue pie

    This gorgeous sweet and sharp pie is a delicious change from the usual lemon version. With a buttery base, a sharp fruity filling and a crunchy sweet top, this pie scores high on both flavour and texture. Kids and adults will love this brightly coloured dessert meaning you won't have to fuss around thinking of two things to make if you're having family friends over. Serve wedges of pie by themselves for a simple dessert or dress it up with fresh berries and softly whipped cream to make it even more impressive.

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  • Cherry lattice pie

    Cherry lattice pie

    This classic cherry lattic pie is much easier to make than it may look. With a buttery, sugary pastry and a filling of sweet, tangy cherries with a sprinkle of lemon, this delicious pie is a the ideal summer dessert. Serve with ice cream, custard or fresh cream. This recipe serves up to 8 people and takes 1hr and 25 mins to prepare and cook. Once you've perfected this recipe you could try experimenting with other fruits too such as strawberries and blackberries.

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