Taco recipes

  • jackfruit pulled pork

    Jackfruit pulled pork tacos

    Jackfruit pulled pork tacos are a delicious vegan alternative to this Mexican street food…

  • Smokey veggie chilli tacos

    Smokey veggie chilli tacos

    This mouth-watering smokey veggie chilli tacos recipe is so easy to make and tastes…

  • Chilli con carne tacos

    Chilli con carne tacos

    Chilli con carne is a classic Mexican dish that so simple to make and great for a Tex Mex…

  • Guacamole

    Homemade guacamole

    Making guacamole at home is not as hard as you might think. The classic Mexican dip is so…

  • Easy chicken tacos

    Easy chicken tacos

    Tacos are crispy Mexican corn pancakes which make the perfect container for juicy chunks of…

  • Fresh tomato salsa

    Fresh tomato salsa

    This simple recipe gets perfect results every time. You can't beat a bowl of fresh homemade…

  • Scallop ceviche tacos with cucumber, chilli and spiced peanuts

    Scallop ceviche tacos with cucumber, chilli and spiced peanuts

    This Mexican inspired dish, with the inclusion off scallops, is perfect as a starter for a…

  • Fish taco

    Fish taco

    The traditional fish taco originated in Baja California, Mexico and it typically involved…

  • Chilli beef tortilla

    86 Mexican recipes

    Fancy a Mexican dinner tonight? Add some spice to your meal by cooking one of our delicious…

  • Chilli bean tacos

    Chilli bean tacos

    These Mexican taco shells make great family sharing food - filled with a spicy bean chilli…

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