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  • Slimming World's lamb tagine

    Slimming World's lamb tagine

    Slimming World's lamb tagine recipe is a guilt-free treat to enjoy at the weekend. This mouth-watering tagine dish is made with tender lamb and packed with flavour, made with plenty of veggies and a chilli sauce. This Slimming World lamb tagine recipe serves 4 people and will take approximately 1hr and 15 mins to make but don't let that put you off, it's well worth the wait! Tagines are stews that take their name from the traditional Moroccan earthenware pots they’re cooked in, though they’ll taste just as great made in a casserole. Almost anything can go into a tagine – for this one, we’ve used lamb, carrots and courgettes.

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  • Pressure cooker chicken and fig tagine

    Pressure cooker chicken and fig tagine

    This easy pressure cooker chicken and fig tagine recipe is sure to become a family favourite. This hearty tagine is made in a pressure cooker which means less effort for you when it comes to dinner time! The tender chicken in this recipe works wonders with the sweet, succulent figs. This recipe serves 4 people and will take only 30 mins to whip up. It's a great alternative to your Sunday roast or if you fancy something different midweek, this warming dish will brighten up your week for sure! This recipe can be frozen so any leftovers, pop into an airtight container and freeze for up to 1 month. Defrost overnight in the fridge and reheat until piping hot before serving again.

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  • Spiced lamb tagine

    Spiced lamb tagine

    Spiced lamb tagine is the perfect way to use any lamb joints or leftover lamb from your Sunday roast. The spiced lamb works perfectly in this Moroccan influenced dish. Serve your lamb tagine with healthy couscous. Even better news - you can afford to eat a large portion of this lamb tagine because couscous is a less calorific grain than pasta or rice. This recipe serves 4 people and will take around 1hr and 15 mins to prepare and cook - and is well worth the wait! A portion of this easy tagine works out at only 420 calories per serving. You can also use this tagine recipe to put inside pastry and create spiced pasties. Delicious!

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  • Chickpea tagine with apricots

    Chickpea tagine with apricots

    Tagine actually refers to the ceramic pot with a funnel-shaped top that is used to cook this Moroccan-influenced stew, but you don't need any fancy or expensive equipment to make one! This recipe is for a quick, cheap and tasty tagine of spiced chickpeas, dried fruit and a warming, spicy sauce. It's best served with couscous, and can be made as mild or as spicy as you like. It's also incredibly easy to double up the quantities – why not make a batch for the freezer?

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  • Quick Quorn tagine

    Quick Quorn tagine

    Quick Quorn tagine makes a super speedy dinner that's vegetarian too. Made with Quorn 'meatballs', it's ready in 30 minutes and just 262 calories! This mouth-watering dish serves 4 people. It's packed full of flavour thanks to the ginger, cumin and garlic. Sprinkled with toasted almonds, pomegranate molasses and served with couscous, this dinner is a real midweek treat.

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  • meatball tagine

    Moroccan meatball tagine

    Moroccan meatball tagine is tender-cooked so takes a while but it is well worth the wait. Just pop your ingredients into a low pan on the hob and let it work its magic. The meatballs are braised with handfuls of fresh vegetables like sweet tomatoes, tangy ginger and soft chickpeas. Use lean mince beef for a meaty flavour or extra-lean beef mince or turkey mince for a healthier option. Lentils would work just as well in this Moroccan meatball tagine instead of chickpeas so feel free to experiment. This classic meatball recipe contains only 507 calories per serving and 12g of fat. If you have any leftover, store it in an airtight container in the fridge for only 1-2 days. Serve with couscous or rice and a coriander seasoning for the best flavour.

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  • Chicken, chickpea and lemon tagine

    Chicken, chickpea and lemon tagine

    For a taste of Morocco, you can’t beat a tagine, and this is a wonderful variation on the theme. The chickpeas give the tagine a great texture and the preserved lemon and sultanas add a fabulous fruity flavour. A whole smorgasbord of spices work their magic to make this dish a marvellously, hearty meal. Warm up those winter nights with this ideal comfort food, to give you a rosy glow. Once prepared, you can sit back and let the casserole dish do the work – slow cooked for a couple of hours, it makes a superb supper.

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  • Lamb tagine

    Rosemary Shrager's lamb tagine

    Rosemary Shrager's lamb tagine is a lamb dish that the whole family will love. Inspired by aromatic Moroccan dishes and taking it's name from the pot that the stew is cooked in, tagine is a great way to make lamb really tender and full of flavour. You can use whole cuts or just leftovers from a Sunday roast. We love the flavours of lemon and cumin that come through in Rosemary Shrager's tagine, with crunchy toasted almonds to finish. The whole family will love Rosemary's lamb tagine recipe.

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  • chicken tagine

    Chicken tagine with couscous

    This Moroccan inspired dish is a great meal which can be made in just 20 minutes, perfect for a midweek supper!

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  • Vegetable tagine

    Moroccan vegetable tagine

    Full of colourful vegetables and served with a flavoursome couscous, this healthy, veggie tagine is a great dish for everyone.

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  • Vegetable tagine

    Vegetable tagine

    This traditional Moroccan recipe is gloriously aromatic and bursting with exotic flavours. The dish is quite filling on its own, but goes brilliantly with a side serving of couscous to soak up all the delicious juices.

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  • Summer vegetable tagine

    Summer vegetable tagine

    If you're having a barbecue and you're stuck for a vegetable dish why not try this tagine, it sounds exotic but is really simple to make and goes well with pork or grilled fish

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