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  • asian salad

    Shredded Asian salad

    This Asian salad is so simple youíll make it time and time again. Full of lots of lovely textures our Asian salad combines cucumber, carrots, spring onions, red pepper and bean sprouts for a healthy, light meal. We suggest serving it as a starter alongside something like fishcakes but you could also scale it up for a lunch. The salad would also work well with grilled chicken or prawns or even some stir-fried steak. Once youíve tried our dressing for the Asian salad, youíll never choose a shop bought alternative again. You know exactly what youíre putting into it and are in complete control of the salt and sugar levels. Plus, if you already have the store cupboard essentials, our dressing is really cheap to make. Weíve used salted roasted peanuts for a final touch of crunch, but you could also try cashew nuts or a combination of the two.

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  • thai fish cakes

    Sesame Thai fishcakes

    These Thai fishcakes with a sesame seed crust are a brilliant twist on a family favourite. Our Thai fishcakes use Pollock, which is a more sustainable choice, but if you had cod or haddock in you the fridge or freezer you could use that instead. We recommend serving the Thai fishcakes with an Asian-style salad, they make a delicious starter and would also be great as part of a party food spread. Why not plan a complete Thai-inspired feast?

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  • thai soup

    Thai soup with turkey and noodles

    Our Thai soup with turkey and noodles is a fantastic way to use a turkey carcass that you might have leftover after a big roast. Put it in with the coconut milk, 300ml of water and simmer for 20 minutes. This will develop the flavour and remove any small remaining pieces of turkey that are on the carcass. Strain and then continue with the recipe from step 2. This Thai soup will also work well with any left over chicken. You could make your own Thai red curry paste but with so many ready made options in the supermarkets, we wonít tell if you donít! One thing is for sure, once youíve made this Thai soup, a shop bought carton or tin will never do again. The coconut milk is rich and creamy and the Thai red curry paste provides just enough heat to warm you through without blowing you away with spice. Trust us, youíll make this again and again.

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  • Thai Coconut Prawn Soup with Courgetti

    Thai coconut prawn soup with courgetti

    Madeleine Shaw's Thai coconut prawn soup with courgetti is fresh and tasty, but so easy to make. The courgetti, or spiralized courgette, give the soup some extra texture and make it more satisfying. It's gluten free, dairy free and packed full of protein, so this is a great soup to try if you're interested in "clean eating".

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  • BBQ prawns

    BBQ prawn skewers with lime and sea salt

    BBQ prawn skewers are quick and easy to cook, and make a light and eye-catching change from grilled chicken or meats. Delicious fresh prawns need little more than some lime and sea salt to highlight their delicate flavour. Paired with this quick but impressive Thai dipping sauce, these BBQ prawns are sure to impress your friends and family at your next summer barbecue. What's more, prawn skewers are a healthy, low fat source of protein, and also provide selenium and vitamin B12. Like most shellfish these prawn skewers are best enjoyed straight away, although these do keep well for a day or two if stored in an airtight box in the fridge. You can then enjoy them cold in sandwiches or salads if you fancy a protein hit at a later date. This tasty summer recipe serves four people but can quite easily be multiplied to feed a bigger crowd, or to give you some leftovers to enjoy over the next day or so. Because of their delicate flavour our prawn skewers don't need too much on the side - think salad, steamed potatoes or even just some juicy corn on the cob. Whatever you choose to have with them one thing's for sure - these BBQ prawns are delicious!

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  • Hairy Bikers' Thai chicken and coconut curry

    Hairy Bikers' Thai chicken and coconut curry

    Hairy Bikers' Thai chicken and coconut curry recipe is the perfect quick and easy dinner from The Hairy Bikers' show, The Hairy Dieters. This delicious recipe takes a classic dish and reduces the calories to turn it into a healthy family meal. Serving 4 people, each portion of this delicious curry works out at only 283 calories per serving without rice. If you'd like to serve this curry with rice, we'd recommend jasmine rice or basmati rice. Aim to cook no more than 50g per person, so 200g in all. Press the freshly boiled rice into a 200ml metal pudding basin mould that youíve oiled lightly and lined with cling film, then turn out into the bowls before adding the hot curry. You only need 1 basin or mould as you can reuse it for all the servings

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  • Slimming world prawn curry

    Slimming World chiang mai prawn and courgette curry

    With a long coastline and hundreds of tropical islands, itís no surprise that seafood is a big part of Thailandís cuisine. This simple puts chunky prawns with courgettes and coconut milk to create a curry with an unforgettable flavour. This Slimming World chiang mai prawn and courgette curry combines loads of rich, indulgent flavours while still keeping the calories down so it's perfect if you're trying to be good. The spice paste for the base is so simple to make, too. You can make it in bulk and freeze it to help make dinners midweek super speedy.

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  • Thai green curry

    Thai green curry

    Thai green curry is a quick, easy and economical recipe, that's mild and creamy for an ideal midweek meal or a special supper. Using a ready-made curry paste saves a lot of time but will still give a really authentic and fragrant flavour. If you can't find fish sauce (also called nam pla) then add a splash of light soy sauce. Instead of the chicken you could use chunks of lean pork fillet or for a seafood version use 450g white fish fillet, cut into chunks and 150g large peeled tiger prawns and simmer for only 10-15 mins.

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  • Thai green prawn curry

    Thai green prawn curry with broccoli

    Thai green prawn curry with broccoli is a speedy curry recipe that's ready in just 15 minutes and makes a healthy family meal, containing 1 of your 5-a-day portions of fruit and vegetables. Broccoli is packed full of vitamins, protein and calcium, as well as plenty more minerals, so it's a fab choice if you're trying to get more green veg in your diet. This recipe is perfect for when you're cooking for a family, or even when you're entertaining. Serve with steamed rice - either jasmine, plain or coconut for a really tasty dinner. You'll never have to pick up a takeaway menu again!

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  • Thai chicken curry with aubergine and green beans

    Thai chicken curry with aubergine and green beans

    Thai chicken curry with aubergine and green beans is a quick, easy and impressive recipe that you can make in under half an hour. This recipe is made with ginger, cumin and red chillies, and because everyone loves differing levels of heat, you can scale up or scale down, depending on what you can handle. If you can't get your hands on baby aubergines, you can easily make this recipe with a regular aubergine cut into chunks. You can even throw in some tenderstem broccoli if you've got some in the fridge.

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  • Quorn lunch bowl

    Quick Quorn lunch bowl

    This healthy low-fat bowl of Quorn, bean and spinach soup is made from frozen foods. Just as nutritious and tasty as using fresh foods and just as quick to prepare. This dish serves around 3-4 people and will take only 20 mins to rustle up making it the perfect option for a speedy lunch or light dinner. The Quorn in this recipe works wonders with the Thai infused stock as well as the veggies too. This dish works out at only 161 calories per serving and 2g of fat making it a low-fat option.

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  • Thai red chicken curry recipe

    Thai red chicken curry

    Want a quick but satisfying meal idea? This flavoursome Thai curry just needs hot sticky rice garnished with coriander to complete it. This Thai curry recipe uses boneless chicken breasts to offer vital protein in this tasty meal. With red Thai curry paste, fish sauce and groundnut oil to flavour this dish along with lime, it will soon become a family favourite. Coconut milk is what gives this dish a really creamy texture too. This recipe serves four people, so itís great to serve up to feed the whole family or if you want a quirky dinner party recipe. Plus, as it only takes 35 minutes to cook, itís a great dish to whip up when youíre in a hurry. Try it this week and youíll not be disappointed.

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