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  • tostadas and tuna ceviche

    Tostadas and tuna ceviche

    Tostadas and tuna ceviche is a delicious dish that will have any dinner party guest coming back for seconds, and maybe even thirds! This zingy and spicy tuna ceviche dish is perfect for a warm summer evening. With a surprise kick from the tequila, this tuna ceviche will not only make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up, but also compliment your normal summer spread. Why not swap the tostadas in this tuna ceviche recipe for iceberg lettuce cups, for a more health conscious or gluten free option. Tuna is high in omega 3 fatty acids which is thought to help significantly reduces the risk of heart disease, as well as being high in many vital vitamins and minerals such as vitamin B12, vitamin D, and potassium. Kitchen tip - take the tuna and salsa out of the fridge out of the fridge 5 minutes before serving on the tostadas to ensure that they are room temperature, so the flavours taste more vibrant.

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  • Tuna pasta bake

    Tuna pasta bake is a classic family recipe. Make this easy tuna, sweetcorn and pasta bake in just 30 mins for a quick midweek meal packed full of veggies. With added mushrooms and tomatoes beneath the crunchy, cheesy topping, it's a great way to get your kids eating their veg. A portion of this tuna pasta bake works out at 580 calories and if you want to keep things healthy, serve with a leafy side salad. This recipe serves four, but it's easy to scale up for a crowd. Pasta bake makes a delicious leftover lunch the next day, hot or cold, with fresh salad leaves. Store in an airtight container in the fridge and reheat in the microwave until piping hot, or serve cold. Feel free to add other vegetables to this recipe – add spinach to up your iron intake or swap the sweetcorn for your child’s favourite veg instead.

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  • Tuna steak casserole

    Bargain lover and mum of two Amy Sheppard runs a family food blog, creating meals using only Aldi ingredients. In her latest recipe for us here at GoodtoKnow she's made a gorgeous summer family dinner for under a fiver. Plus, she's packed in a whole lot of veg. She says, 'Summer food can be really easy - just toss a salad in a bowl, maybe a little meat or fish, and dinner is served. It's not so easy when you have kids. Cold dinners and dinners that are largely leaf based, never seem to go down that well in our house – regardless of how hot it is! This Summer Tuna Steak Casserole incorporates loads of colourful Summer veg, chopped up and cooked down so that you (and the kids!) hardly notice them! All cooked in the same pan, it’s so simple and light, yet a little more substantial than other summer meal ideas. Best of all? This meal for 4 cost only £4.27 in total, using all Aldi ingredients!'

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  • One-pot tuna pasta puttanesca

    One-pot tuna pasta puttanesca

    One-pot tuna pasta puttanesca is quick and easy to make with little washing up. Tuna, capers and tomatoes have punchy flavours, plus it's ready in 30 mins! The grill takes your pasta dish to the next level by melting the cheese on top and making the breadcrumbs crispy. The whole family is going to love this and so will you, as it's under 500 calories per portion.

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  • Baby-friendly tuna fish cakes

    Baby-friendly tuna fish cakes

    When it comes to weaning your baby it can be hard to think of new ideas, especially with finger foods. Current UK guidelines say you should introduce food into your baby's diet around 6 months. You will be amazed at how quickly your baby learns to hold food for themselves and get some of it in their mouth! Whether your baby has teeth or not, these oven-baked tuna fish cakes work really well. They don't contain any salt but are full of things your baby needs - tuna fish, peas, carrots and potato. To give the fish cakes a bit more flavour, we've grated in some lemon zest too.

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  • Tuna and strawberry salad

    Tuna and strawberry salad

    This unusual salad is sweet and savoury at its finest and is really easy to make too. It's a delicious healthy option as a filling lunch or light dinner and is bursting with superfood goodness. The strawberries add a depth of flavour to this simple salad. The tuna chunks are tender and work well with the softness of the strawberries. This recipe serves 2 people.

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  • Pappardelle with tuna sauce

    Pappardelle with tuna sauce

    Pappardelle is a large flat pasta similar to tagliatelle, which can be used as a substitute. A tasty dish to serve on a Summer’s evening accompanied with a glass of chilled white wine. Tuna is a great fish to use in this recipe as it creates a meaty texture to the sauce and is packed full of protein which will keep you fuller for longer too. Feed a family of 4 or if you have leftovers pop into an airtight container, store in the fridge for up to 2 days.

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  • Tuna, green beans and pasta

    Low-calorie tuna pasta

    Tasty low-calorie tuna pasta is simple and quick to make and under 350 calories. Cook wholewheat pasta twists and green beans and add to a cheese and milk sauce. Then stir in cooked fresh tuna and serve. This delicious dish will keep you full until dinner time and is a great way to using up any leftover fish you might have from last night's dinner. Simple and delicious, with a light low-fat sauce, this creamy lunch recipe is full of flavour.

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  • Slimming World's tuna penne niçoise

    Slimming World's tuna penne niçoise

    Slimming World gives the classic tuna niçoise recipe an update with penne pasta and a delicious and low-fat dressing

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  • Tuna and provençal vegetable crumble

    Tuna and provençal vegetable crumble

    Not often thought of as the most glamorous of fish, this clever recipe turns those cans of tuna that have been sitting at the back of the food cupboard into a quick, simple and tasty family meal. Combining juicy tuna and provençal vegetables covered in a cheesy golden crust, this dish bursts with fresh flavour. But if tuna doesn’t float your boat, then it can easily be substituted for another fish or meat such as chicken, beef or pork. Or for those vegetarians out there, try throwing in additional vegetables too for a veggie crumble alternative.

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  • Baked potato with tuna and spring onion

    Baked potato with tuna and spring onion

    Potatoes are underground tubers, according to the scientists, which means they store all the vitamins and minerals needed for growing new potato plants come the spring. That’s why, as well as being a source of carbohydrates, they are surprisingly rich in Vitamin C (19th century sailors ate potatoes to ward off scurvy) as well as a good source of Vitamin B, and minerals such as potassium, magnesium and iron. As well as being healthy, this is a terrific comfort meal.

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  • Tuna and lemon mayonnaise wraps

    Tuna and lemon mayonnaise wraps

    Plain flatbread wraps, which have been a staple in many parts of the world for centuries, are so easy to use, they have become increasingly popular in this country. Just pop on the filling, turn in the ends, roll up, cut in half – and enjoy! These tuna and lemon mayonnaise wraps make a great lunch box main meal. Wraps are much healthier than bread, you could also use brown or wholemeal wraps instead for an even healthier spin.

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