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  • vegetable pilaf

    Lentil vegetable pilaf

    This vegetable pilaf made with lentils is packed with goodness and just what you need after a long day. Puy lentils are a great vegetarian source of protein and will keep you feeling fuller for longer so you’re less likely to crave a snack. Plus they count as one of your five a day and are an easy way to boost your daily total veg count. We’ve also included Brazil nuts for some added crunch and an extra protein boost. Our vegetable pilaf is also packed with kale. Did you know kale is one of the most nutrient-dense foods around? It is also a brilliant source of vitamins A, K and C, which help your immune system and vision. So if you’re looking for a health boost you need to give our vegetable pilaf lentils a go. This recipe is so easy to make and it can be frozen. Make a big batch and get ahead, then when you’re running low on time or feeling too under the weather to cook a whole meal, you’ll have this on stand-by ready to save the day.

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  • broccoli risotto

    Broccoli risotto

    Our broccoli risotto with ricotta and peas is a healthy and comforting mid-week meal that the whole family will love. This cheesy, creamy dish is a great way to sneak more veg into meals for kids – it tastes so good that they won’t even notice they’re eating greens! This broccoli risotto is made with a three grain risotto mix to add extra fibre, which is great for your digestive system, and makes it a really satisfying meal. Ricotta, an Italian fresh cheese, is lower in fat than other cheeses, but adds a richness and creaminess, as well as the much loved cheesy flavour. Risotto is traditionally a meal that requires lots of patience, slow cooking, and constant attention, but our version is so easy, perfect for a busy week-nights. Our broccoli risotto with ricotta and peas is just the thing to warm you up on a winter evening. It's cheap and requires minimal effort but gives great results.

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  • Stuffed peppers with couscous, courgette and mozzarella

    Stuffed peppers are always a delicious recipe to whip after a busy day. This delicious stuffed peppers recipe looks impressive but it's so easy to make! A colourful Mediterranean-style dish with sun blushed tomatoes and melting mozzarella, you can trusts us when we say it tastes as good as it looks! Not only does a portion of this recipe equal one of your 5-a-day, it also works out at only 315 calories and 0.4g salt per serving. These stuffed peppers are ideal for lunch with a salad or served for dinner with new potatoes and fresh greens. Ready in just 30 mins, our stuffed peppers with couscous, courgette and mozzarella are vegetarian-friendly and are sure to tempt children with their vibrant colours and tasty flavours too.

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  • roasted vegetable lasagne

    Roasted vegetable lasagne

    A roasted vegetable lasagne is a fantastic meat-free spin on a family favourite. It is just as hearty and is bursting with flavour. If you’ve got leftover roasted veg this is a fantastic way to use it up and you get a completely new meal. Plus, if you’ve got any little ones who need convincing to eat their veg, few can resist lasagne! This roasted vegetable lasagne recipe serves four to six people, making it one of the cheapest and easiest dishes to feed the family.

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  • vegan nut roast

    Vegan nut roast

    This vegan nut roast with beetroot and butternut squash makes entertaining for vegan friends effortless and is sure to please anyone lucky enough to get a portion. Plus, for this vegan nut roast you can vary the vegetables depending on what you have in the fridge. If you have any leftover Brussels sprouts they work brilliantly in place of leeks, and perhaps try some carrots instead of squash. Any type of nut and herb will lift the whole vegan nut roast so get experimenting and don’t let any vegetables go to waste. Think vegan food is boring? Think again! This vegan nut roast is packed with flavour and has such great texture. This easy vegan nut roast will impress any vegan guests, and meat eaters too!

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  • Pea soup recipe

    Pea soup

    Healthy and delicious, this pea soup recipe is nice and easy too. Learn how to make homemade soups with our cheap, quick and easy recipe. Everyone has a bag of frozen peas in their freezer, so why not use them to make this simple but tasty warming pea soup. The lovely green colour and minty flavour of this pea soup is so refreshing and it makes a great dinner party starter. If there is any left over it’s also good in a flask for lunch the next day. This recipe serves 4-6 people and takes only 20 mins to prepare and cook.

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  • mushroom pie

    Mushroom pie with chestnuts and greens

    Mushroom pie with chestnuts and greens is a veggie dish that is packed with flavour. The golden shortcrust pastry crust is filled with a mixture of different mushrooms, which gives a really deep and earth flavour. The chestnuts add great texture and richness to this mushroom pie, and the greens provide extra moisture, flavour, and richness. We’ve used a loaf tin to make this mushroom pie, which makes is so easy to assemble and bake.

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  • Sweetcorn fritters

    Sweetcorn fritters are the perfect easy recipe for the whole family. These crispy sweetcorn fritters take 20 minutes to make and are loved by kids and grown-ups. This recipe is so simple you could get the kids involved in the making and cooking process. Let them measure, whisk and help with cooking the fritters. This recipe makes 10 fritters - perfect for lunch or dinner served with potatoes and salad. Serve your sweetcorn fritters with a dip like sweet chilli sauce for an added kick of spice or mayo for a light, creamy taste. You could try this recipe with other tinned vegetables too like peas or beans.

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  • Vegetable stew

    A vegetable stew recipe that is quick, cheap and easy to make and is an absolute family favourite. Speeded up by swapping haricot beans for canned butter beans, this meal is a winner! Serving 4 people this hearty, family-sized stew can be ready on the table in just 40 mins. A portion of this delicious stew works out at only 172 calories per serving. Serve this stew with mashed potato, homemade dumplings or bread for soaking up the delicious flavoured stock. Celery, carrot, swede and onion make a tasty combination - they are also a fantastic source of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals such as vitamin C and vitamin B6 which are essential for supporting your immune system throughout the winter months. This recipe is great for a Monday night as it uses up leftover veg from your Sunday roast dinner. Store leftovers in an airtight container in the fridge for up to 2 days. You can blitz this stew in a food processor for soup the next day for lunch.

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  • vegetarian wellington

    Squash and beetroot vegetarian Wellington

    Our vegetarian Wellington is a hearty and comforting meat free main that doesn’t compromise on flavour. The golden puff pastry is filled with roasted squash, vibrant beetroot and vegetarian stuffing to make a festive dish that makes a delicious addition to any Christmas lunch. Try making this vegetarian Wellington for veggie friends and family this Christmas.

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  • ginger pudding

    Ginger pudding

    Our ginger pudding is a take on a classic Christmas pudding that has a kick of ginger as well as a good dose of brandy. Our version uses vegetable suet instead of regular suet, which makes it suitable for vegetarians. This ginger pudding recipe makes 2 puddings, each serving 8.

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  • Gordon Ramsay Honey glazed carrots and parsnips

    Gordon Ramsay's honey-glazed carrots and parsnips

    Gordon Ramsay's honey-glazed carrots and parsnips recipe is one of our favourite ways to cook carrots and parsnips. Gordon Ramsay works his magic with this special side-dish: root vegetables roasted with honey, star anise, cinnamon and thyme. Serve them with your Christmas dinner or Sunday roast. This recipe serves around 8 people and will take 30 mins to make. The sweet and sticky glaze really bring out the flavour in these delicious roasted veggies. This recipe is so easy to follow - once you've mastered this recipe, you'll want to make them every Sunday afternoon. Gordon Ramsay's honey-glazed carrots and parsnips are bursting with flavour.

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