Woman's Weekly recipes

  • Lasagne

    This easy, classic lasagne recipe can be ready on the table in 2hrs. This delicious pasta…

  • Shepherd's pie

    This classic Shepherd's pie recipe is so easy to follow and will make a delicious…

  • Welsh rarebit

    This classic Welsh rarebit recipe is so easy. Strong cheese mixed with mustard and ale…

  • Broad bean and brown rice salad

    Our broad bean salad recipe is so easy. Enjoy the taste of summer vegetables with this…

  • Treacle flapjacks

    Learn how to make treacle flapjacks with this simple recipe. You'll be producing flapjacks…

  • Carrot cake

    Our easy carrot cake recipe is so simple to make. This recipe makes loaf cake with a rich…

  • Triple chocolate cake

    Our triple chocolate cake recipe is a real showstopper. This gorgeous moist chocolate cake…

  • Lemon tart

    This lemon tart recipe, or 'tarte au citron', is the perfect melt-in-the-mouth dessert for…

  • Salted caramel chocolate torte

    This delicious, no-bake chocolate torte recipe has a hint of saltiness to bring out it's…

  • Lemon curd cake

    This lemon curd cake recipe with lemon curd buttercream is light, sweet and citrusy and…

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