Sex style quiz - You're Ms Routine

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Judi says:

You've been together for ages now, you've either got kids or both work really hard and so sex fits well into your routine.

You're both really comfortable with each other, you know how to turn each other on and how to guarantee you both get an orgasm every time. Brilliant!

Time-managed sex can be a necessity for couples with work or family commitments and as long as it's placed on the priority 'to-do' list it can be the best solution, especially if the quality is consistently good.

However, this routine might mean that lust and passion fall by the wayside a bit so try being a bit more spontaneous to add a little excitement now and again!

Avoid the usual and hugely boring candle-it suppers. Try, instead, some virtual foreplay. Send sexy text messages during the day which let your partner know what you're looking forward to doing to him/her that night, or the odd blue movie, even if it does leave you laughing rather than panting by the end of it!

Judi James is a sex, relationships and body language expert and author of The Body Language Bible, available from June.

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me and my fella decided it was best if i went on the 'mini pill', so i did. I'v been on it for 20days but i am still on my period. what should i do?

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