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Judi says:

You love sex, you know what you want, when you want it and exactly how to take it. They say 'want doesn't get' but you're clearly getting it by the sackful!

However you might need to consider sooner rather than later whether you're looking for a long-term life partner or a stud.

Your single-minded attitude is healthy and refreshing but compatibility isn't all about sex so try to avoid picking men for their staying power rather than their personality qualities.

With any luck you'll find the man of your dreams with a libido to match your own but if you don't you could always consider growing your own. This would mean hitching up with a guy who you could educate into the joys of sex, but remember that would mean his joys as well as your own.

Discovering his needs and pleasures will be just as important as communicating your own, even if he is more shy about voicing them than you are. Selfish sex can be a little lonely - when both of you are playing the pleasure will be doubled.

Judi James is a sex, relationships and body language expert and author of The Body Language Bible, available from June.

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ryann and emily

i think these tips r great i use them everyday when i have usuall sex with my gf we like the dilldooo

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