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Dr Pam Spurr
goodtoknow relationship expert Dr Pam Spurr gives you the best possible advice on the problems that matter to you.

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- 'My husband and I have stopped talking'
- 'I can't live with his kids'
- 'I think my husband's having an affair'
- 'We always have the same arguments'
- 'We're splitting up - what happens next?'

Dr Pam is a life coach, agony aunt and author of many best-selling books. She appears regularly on programmes like GMTV, Trisha, LK Today, The Wright Stuff and BBC Breakfast.

Her latest book Fabulous Foreplay - The Sex Doctor's Guide To Teasing And Pleasing Your Lover is available to buy now.

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- Unfortunately Dr Pam can't reply to any of your problems personally

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