50 sex tips to boost your love life

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Top sex tips
Looking for sex tips to try with your partner?

Whether you've been together a while and you're looking to spice things up, in a new relationship and want to build your confidence, or just looking to brush up on some sex tips, we have a whole host of quick ideas to heat up your love life!

These 50 top sex tips are guaranteed to boost things between the sheets and put some fun and sizzle back into your bedroom.

1. Be confident
There's a reason 50 Shades is such a hit amongst us ladies - being in control is sexy! Be confident in the bedroom and both you and your partner will enjoy the benefits.

2. Enjoy each other's bodies
Try some of our simple Kama Sutra positions for this one. Give each other compliments, pay special attention to a person's less favourite bits, make them feel desired and sexy. Body confidence is sexual gold!

3. Talk.
One of the best sex tips we can recommend is to tell your partner what you're enjoying and why, even what could be done to make the sex better; faster slower etc. The sure-fire way to better sex time and time again!

4. Engage in foreplay
It's easy to forget that foreplay is all part of your sex life. Make sure you have enough foreplay with your partner until you're both ready for intercourse. Prolong it by putting your clothes on, go out for a drink or a meal. Keep the evening going on as long as you can until you have to run home for the most intense sex ever!

5. Surprise your partner
Put on some sexy lingerie one evening after work and wait for him. Don't let him touch you, dominate and lead him to the bedroom.

6. Drink coffee
Research has indicated that a couple of cups of coffee could well boost the female libido. Even if that's not 100% guaranteed, the caffeine will improve your concentration - very important if you're getting hot and steamy in the bedroom.

7. Turn off the TV
You may love watching what Rita and Norris are up to in Corrie, but it's a bit of a passion killer. Hit the off button and pay attention to each other.

8. Do a strip-tease
It doesn't have to look professional, as long as you move seductively in front of him and slowly take off your clothes. Don't allow him to touch either - this will turn him on even more.

9. Choose the right music
Having the right tunes playing in the background can improve your bedroom experience. The right rhythm will make your lovemaking far more enjoyable. Try Marvin Gaye's Sexual Healing for starters.

10. Ice ice baby
If you're performing oral sex on your fella, try popping an ice cube in your mouth halfway through - the sensation as it goes from warm to cold will drive him wild.

11. Eat salmon
Obviously, it's a great choice for dinner, but it's also known as a sexual powerhouse. The vitamins in salmon will help lift the libido, it contains mood-enhancing Omega-3 oils and is protein rich, which is good for stamina.

12. Turn off the lights
In fact, go one step further and blindfold each other. By getting rid of the sense of sight, you'll be forced to use your other senses.

13. Don't touch his private parts
By not going for the one place he's desperate for you to touch, you'll drive him wild. Delay it as long as possible and when you do get there, make only the faintest touch at first.

14. Text him
Build up the suspense throughout the day by sending him messages telling him what you want to do to him and what you want him to do to you

15. Make noises
Moaning will not only make you concentrate on what's going on, it'll make him feel excited and want to do more.

16. Wear high heels
Very few men can resist a woman in heels and what's more, recent research suggests it can do wonders or your pelvic floor muscles. They can also give an added confidence boost in the bedroom. A guaranteed turn-on for your fella.

17. Suck his finger
Do it in public. Just take his little finger in your mouth and swirl it around. It doesn't look like much to anyone who sees you do it, but believe us, it'll get him pretty turned on.

18. Talk dirty
It doesn't have to be much, but try imagining the most dirty, erotic story you can think of it and then tell it. We know it may feel weird to start with, but only you and him will hear it, so just go for it. Make sure he can't touch you while you're telling it, as well.

19. Use food
It's a foreplay trick we often see played out in films, but it's shouldn't be reserve for the big screen. Eating with your hands and using food you can smear on each other's bodies is fun and sexy.

20. Be naughty
Why not try something different with your man? Whether it's a little light smacking, dressing up, or even going out wearing no knickers and then whispering it to him when you're in the middle of a big crowd.

21. Take a bath together
Dim the lights, light the candles, use some nice scented bubble bath and hop in. It's another way to get close to each other and build up suspense. If your bath isn't big enough...

22. Share a shower
Wash each other all over with a sponge without any intimate touching - it can be very erotic and will get you both in the mood.

23. Take photos of each other
Either get hold of a cheap Polaroid, or you could send him a saucy snap taken on your mobile. Get him to return the compliment. It's a very effective form of foreplay.

24. Tie each other up
We're not suggesting heavy bondage - just use some silk scarves or stockings instead. You can then tease whoever is pinned to the chair/bed and leave them panting for more. Just make sure the knots aren't too tight.

25. Get the feathers out
Get a couple of feathers out and use them on each other's body during foreplay. The feeling of them on your skin will give each of you a sexy shiver.

26. Undress each other
Taking each other's clothes off can be very sexy and, if you've planned it in advance, you can make sure you both have nice underwear on that looks and feels sensuous to the touch.

27. Massage each other
Invest a little money in some oils and candles and then try massaging each other. Make sure you lie on your front and just let the hands and fingers do the walking. And, if neither of you are squeamish about it, foot massage can also be very erotic. It means you can massage each other at the same time, should you so wish.

28. Small kisses
Work your way all the way down the body using little butterfly kisses. Use your tongue sparingly and try not to snog. Instead lightly caress his skin with your lips. The longer you avoid his genitals, the more turned on he'll get.

29. Change the scenery
Try making the living-room or another room the scene for some action. If it makes it easier and more comfortable, bring down the duvet and some cushions/pillows.

30. Pleasure yourself in front of each other
This might take a bit of getting used to, but both of you will become enormously turned on, whether you're the watcher or the watched.

31. Try a new position
We're all creatures of habit and like certain positions more than others, but trying a new sex position could make a big difference. Whether you go on top for a change, or do it standing up, you may find a new position that really does it for you both.

32. Get minty
Suck an after-dinner mint and wait until there's almost nothing left. Then go down on your partner. The sensation will be unlike anything they've experienced before.

33. Watch yourselves
Getting down to it in front of a mirror can be very erotic. If you don't have a mirror in your bedroom, try moving one from another room. Many women never really see their genitals and it can be a turn-on to see what's going on down there.

34. Go 69
It's a tried and tested technique, but if you've never tried it before, then now's the time to give it a go. After all, what's better than both of you having oral sex at the same time.

35. Dress up
Find out what each of you find sexy, whether it's uniforms, French maids or something else and then put on an outfit. Then you'll have to act it out a little. It's great fun and also a way to spice things up.

36. Use your whole body
Sex isn't just about the bits below your belly button and above your knees. By exploring each other's bodies from top to toe, you may even find new erogenous zones that get each other going.

37. Toy story
Introducing a vibrator into the bedroom can have a dramatic effect. Whether you use one on your fella, or let him use it on you, it doesn't matter, as long as you have fun.

38. Get slippery
Using a lubricant is not only useful for making sure there's no nasty rubbing, but it can make the sensation of touching each other more sensual.

39. Try some aphrodisiacs
Whether they work or not is still open to debate, but it adds something to the foreplay, if you're feeding each other asparagus or drinking champagne. Remember, sex is fun, not a chore.

40. Keep your eyes open
It's easy to shut your eyes when you're in the full throes of passion, but by keeping your peepers open you are likely to intensify the whole experience for both of you.

41. Have a drink
Too much alcohol can make the experience a bit of a flop, but just one glass of wine will relax both your body and mind and should help you feel a little more in the mood.

42. Have computer sex
Sending naughty emails can be a lot of fun and instant messaging can be even better, because you're doing it in real time. Just make sure that neither of you are somewhere you might be overlooked!

43. Do some sexercise
This is something you should do before reaching the bedroom. Exercise your pelvic floor muscles regularly and it will improve the blood flow to your genitals - this will make your orgasms more powerful and last longer.

44. Declutter your bedroom
However much you're in the mood for getting down and dirty, tripping over your son's toy cars on the way in, or finding dolls under the duvet can easily put paid to the passion. Remember, your bedroom should be your own personal space that is free of junk and anyone else's clutter. Even a TV can ruin the experience.

45. Don't have sex
OK, what we mean here is spend some time in bed without having intercourse. Simply touching each other and yourself is enough to give your sex life a boost and inject the spark you need.

46. Start kissing again
Locking lips is the most fun you can have with your clothes on. Your lips are very sensitive and kissing your partner is one of the most personal things you can do. Why not spend a long time simply kissing each other? You'll be amazed the effects it will have...

47. Play a sexy game
Challenge him to a game of strip-Connect 4 or even strip-PlayStation. Making it competitive boosts your libido and will increase the anticipation. You each remove an item of clothing for each game you lose, until one of your is naked, or you can't wait any longer.

48. Film yourself
Put that camcorder to a different use - either watch yourself back afterwards, or else hook it up to the TV, so you can watch yourselves while you get down to it. You'll be amazed how erotic it is.

49. Don't push it
Although it's a great idea to schedule in some time to spend together if you have busy lives, sometimes the pressure to perform can dampen both your spirits, so just let it happen naturally. And if it doesn't go quite how you expect it to, better luck next time!

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50. Set the scene
Make sure you have the evening to yourself - send the kids to a friend's house, unplug the phone and turn off your mobile. Now dim the lights and light some candles. It'll help relax you both and get you into the mood.

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Melodie Michelle Wood-Jones

There is no difference

Melodie Michelle Wood-Jones

There has to be other freaky things to do sexually but all these things mentioned are rated G pretty much. We have done all these things and we aren't interested in involving others in our sex life that's where couples mess up I believe. I guess I will have to put my imagination to work and I bet I will come up with something to make our magic carpet ride go higher!

Ivan Cherkasov

"OK, what we mean here is spend some time in bed without having intercourse. Simply touching each other and yourself is enough to give your sex life a boost and inject the spark you need" you just made my day) Are you kidding me? It's the worst advice I've ever heard.It would be rather rational to increasse your love life via different services like sex-chats, camsdesire_com or smth similar


at reason: 2. Enjoy each other's bodies what if my boyfriends body is filled with svamps? should i so enjoy eating them or just make him dinner and pray for they disspear?

John Dugan

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I'm confused - I clicked on the link for Feng Shui money tips!

choco nuts


alloy jenni

pls, can anyone make me understand the difference between orgasm and climaxin?

lisa nichol

i like doggy style and on top possition but are finding it hard to conceive as lost a baby stillborn but are hopefully gona try ivf as cant wait that long


body is secondery in loveplay. its soul who captains a happy intercourse.



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