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Once the first flush of romance has passed, all relationships lose their sparkle and passion.

And, if you don't do something about it, you can easily become strangers and problems can surface.

So check out our 40 top tips to enable you to reconnect with each other and put some life back into your relationship...

1. Kiss each other
It's one of the most intimate things you can do with your clothes on and will help to maintain and build up the romantic bond between you

2. Leave notes for each other
Get a pack of sticky notes and write little messages you can leave where your loved one will find them. We're not talking about ones that say: 'Remember to take the bins out'

3. Go away together
Sometimes, it takes some distance and time together to remind you how much you love and enjoy each other's company. Get someone to look after the kids and get away for a night or weekend, where you can just do fun things together that you can never do at home.

4. Have a power cut
Imagine that the juice is cut off for a night. This means no TV, no music, no lights. Just you, your partner, some candles and conversation.

5. Cook your favourite meals
They say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. Well, maybe it's not quite that easy, but cooking his favourite food shows how much you care. Try these romantic recipes

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No matter how busy you two are, you should always find time for each other. Go out on a weekend getaway, cook for him, kiss him. It surely brings back and keeps the spark alive.


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la chica baby

im new to this right now


I have been married for 10 years and still wear sexy lingerie for my husband - keeps the spark alive. Wicked Tickles have a fab range


My husband and I have been together for 30 years and married 27 and I can honestly say we still kiss and cuddle and hug just like we did at the start. We've never lost that spark, despite my having had Breast Cancer and a failed Reconstruction. I feel truly blessed that we still fancy one another like MAD and can't get enough of one another!!!!!


after 7 years and a rocky last year, i'm finding it hard to get in the mood. we have three children and both work, my partner working shifts at night. i was on a course of hormone pills recently and i have never felt better! I wanted sex a least 5 times during the week (i was on the pills for 9 days) I really want this to come back as when i am not on the hormones i NEVER want sex, my partner is very good and very well endowed and knows what hes doing, but even the thorght of us having sex doesn't turn me on... nothing seems to! i haven't quite reached 30 yet and am rather worried this may be the start of a celibate life, and that really dosen't tickle my fancy! It is causing stress on our relationship as even tho i put out when he wants sex he is feeling like he always has to make the effort, and he does. I never instigate as im never in the mood, but i want to be! could this be an age thing? just the way i am or do you think i should discuss this with my g.p and try more hormone pills? (add note: when i was on the pills i also woke up feeling rested and happy, typically i wake feeling like ive had an hours sleep and i'm grumpy alot of the time too, even with 8 hours sleep)


me and my husband have been married 8 years and wish we could get the honeymoon period back we just seemed to lose it after we had our second child


me and my partner have been together for 2 years and from the start i felt love for him the i fel pregnant stright away and now im pregnant agin with our 2nd child and we reacently split and got back together and i fancy him but i dnt want the sex part and i dont know why and he feels like i dont want him anymore.. how do i get that spark back into our relationship?


So true. No matter how busy you two are, you should always find time for each other. Go out on a weekend getaway, cook for him, kiss him. It surely brings back and keeps the spark alive.


Is the only reason you like this site, Louise, because you and your boyfriend need someone to tell you to spend as night in together for example?! If it had said some things you don't do you wouldn't have liked it???? Great!


I came on this website to find out some tips on sex and how to improve my relationship, and from reading the "Romance tips" I have just realised how good me and my boyfriend actually have it. Almost every tip on there - we do. I think this website is FANTASTIC. So so helpful and I believe will really make a difference. So thank-you!!

Juan Pajaro

This article is great!

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