Romance tips - put the spark back: 11-15

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11. Have fun together
Remind yourselves what you used to enjoy doing before you got bogged down in the humdrum nature of life together. Play games together, go out walking - do whatever it was that used to make you feel alive and happy.

12. Listen
Talking is obviously important, but listening is just as vital. If one of you has something they need to say (no matter how trivial it seems), then the other really needs to listen to them properly and, if necessary, do something to change.

13. Plan dates
Knowing that you have a special date coming up (even months ahead) can be good for both of you. These dates can be specific events, such as birthdays, anniversaries, or simply evenings you set aside.

14. Say 'I love you'
Those three words are often forgotten as relationships progress, but, said properly, they mean so much. In fact, you don't even need to say them ? send a text or email and say it.

15. Pay each other compliments
Tell the other one how good they look, how nice a shirt or top looks, or even on the choice of footwear. Compliments make everyone feel better.

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