Romance tips - put the spark back: 21-25

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21. Make breakfast
Breakfast in bed is fast becoming an outdated ritual, so knocking up some smoked salmon and scrambled eggs and a pot of coffee and taking it up to your loved one is bound to do some good. It's just a simple act that starts a day on the right note.
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22. Praise each other
We all yearn to be told we've done something well and, in some cases, praise from your partner will be the only time this happens. Make each other feel great with a few well-chosen words

23. Sex isn't everything
We know we've said have more sex, but you also need to remember that being able to move around the bedroom like an Olympic gymnast doesn't necessarily make for a brilliant relationship. Simply spending time together and talking is far more important.

24. Trust each other
If one of you says you're going to do something, then believe that it will happen. Second-guessing your partner, or even going ahead and doing something without their buy-in is a surefire way of making things go wrong. Instead, sit back and let things happen naturally. Trust is key!

25. Have respect
We don't always agree with each other - that goes without saying. Sometimes you won't agree with something your partner says or does in public - at this point, let it pass.

Belittling your other half in front of other people makes both you and them look stupid and petty and it does nothing for your relationship. If you genuinely don't like what they think, talk to them about it at a more appropriate moment.

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