Romance tips - put the spark back: 36-40

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36. Touch each other
Hold hands, touch each other's arms, have a hug, do anything that means that you stay in physical contact with each other. Non-verbal communication is just as important as talking in a relationship.

37. Ban work
We know that work can be a huge chunk of everyday life, but it can also take over home life if you're not careful. Outlaw any conversations about 'the memo Bob sent', or 'that irritating woman Gladys in Accounts'.

38. Use your smell
Give each other a hankie or other small piece of material that has been sprayed with your favourite perfume or cologne. That way, you'll both be reminded of each other throughout the day, just by smelling the hankie.

39. Buy a present
It doesn't have to be something expensive, but a token that means something to the pair of you. Whether it's music that reminds you of the first gig you ever went to or the first song you listened to over and over again, the DVD of your first ever date movie, a postcard of the first holiday you ever went on together... whatever, it just shows you how much the relationship means.

40. Take a walk
Pull on your wellies or walking shoes and go for a ramble through some woods or countryside. Not only will the surroundings give you something to talk about, it will take you away from your daily grind.

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