How to reach the big 'o'

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Although many women can easily climax during intercourse, the easiest way of having an orgasm is the DIY method using a vibrator.

Other orgasm techniques!

A famous sex educator called Betty Dodson earned herself the nickname of 'The Grandmother of Masturbation' in the 20th century, as she worked her way around America helping women to become orgasmic.

Plug it in

Hundreds of women attended Betty's masturbation workshops and had their first orgasms at the hands of this amazing woman. She used something called the Hitachi Magic Wand, a mains-charged massager and probably the most powerful vibrator you will ever feel between your legs.

It's so powerful that you might want to place a folded towel over yourself before applying it. Once you're accustomed to the vibes, roll the head of the massager up and down over your clitoris, labia and vaginal opening, breathing deeply and focusing on enjoying the sensations.

Rampant rabbit

Alternatively, any basic Rabbit-style vibrator used with lube will provide milder, yet still substantial vibrations, as well as a feeling of fullness - something many women say aids their orgasm.

The shafts of these toys also contain rotating balls designed to massage the G-spot, which is an internal erogenous zone, embedded two inches up inside the front vaginal wall and is said to make your orgasm stronger and deeper.

With a Rabbit-style vibrator, the 'ears' attached to the base are designed to stimulate the clitoris, although you can turn the toy around so the fronds buzz against your perineum (the erogenous zone between your anus and vaginal opening). For the woman who's never had an orgasm, experimenting on other parts of the body is a great way to discover hidden orgasm triggers.

Water fun

Powerful water streams from either a Jacuzzi jet or a showerhead are also known to have been responsible for an orgasm or two. Water cascading over the clitoris can feel a lot like oral sex, and being immersed in a tub provides a relaxing environment in which to fantasise.

Try to image the jets of water are actually the tip of Brad Pitt's tongue working away on you and you'll transport yourself into the headspace necessary for orgasm.

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Well one night I almost had an orgasm I rather my husmand give me one he is out state be back one week


Why can't I give myself an orgasm


Using vibrators etc, is not the long-term answer. Its an artificial activity.


the bathtub thing works like a champ! that's always my favorite way to indulge in myself.


Omg! This sounds so greatttttttttttttttttttt yessssssssssssssss wooop!

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