'I'm seeing two men at the same time'

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'I've never been the sort of woman who does naughty things, but recently I've attracted the attention of two men and have started seeing them both.

My husband died of cancer five years ago and it took me a long time to get back into the world of dating.

Eventually, my daughter suggested I try out online dating and she helped me create a profile and soon the requests from men came flooding in.

A couple of the men really stood out and I arranged to see them separately a week apart.

They were both so kind and funny that I couldn't bear to let either of them down, so I've begun seeing them both regularly and neither of them knows about the other.

I suppose I should make up my mind which one to choose, but I'm having so much fun that I just can't at the moment...'
J, 55, Lancashire

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actually i dunno what to say im in that position right now having 2 boyfriend both long distance i dunno what got in my mind im just 19 yrs old maybe thats why im like this my 1st boyfriend hes so sweet, he loves me so much n he can bear to lose me i cheated twice 1st having with this 14 yrs old boy...thats so funny i never though teasing him make him think i really into him he almost kill himself after we broke up... yea thats how lil boy do second this cute guy same age as mine... he is so exciting were having this wonderful time as wen were chatting uhmmm..having sex on chat bu we also broke up when my boyfriend find this i thought we will broke up with me but he didnt... and now were ok... but he still dunno i still have another bf... this guy is so cute 18 yrs old... kinda bad boy like funny and interesting... i dunno who im going to choose now its giving me head ache...may someone give me advice???


I am in the same situation, met 2 really nice guys on dating site and have been seeing them for a while unsure of who I want to be with. I dont know how to tell one of the guys I do not want to continue the relationship with him. He will be gutted and I cannot bear to hurt him. I am trying to cool it hopeing he will get fed up and walk away but it does not seem to be working. I hate myself for doing this. Help!!!


I am also dating online with two guys. And they were brothers. I met Sharad at Facebook then we start chatting more often, telling me to see the family picture i saw his brother look nice and very handsome, i tried adding and chatting to his brother, I am starting to like his brother. We also chat secretly even if his brother away.


been with my bf 2 year now thing were great for 6 mouth then he got lazy so we sarted rowing all the time i met a guy out side my work became friends me bf work at he same place so we are all friends then i started to get feeling try put back my head but it didnt work i fell in love with him he felt the same so we started seeing each other and it got to hard he finish it at christmas as soon we went back to work we seen each other we could hide are feeling so started seeing each other it great when were together u think we been togeher years and years we both been hurt i try to finish it with my bf but he make me feel bad coz he gave up his flat to move in with me i love him as friend nothing els but he use every thing he can so i wont leave him i dont no what to i just want to be happy but dont want to hurt him


J, That is a tricky situation to be in. You need to sit back and decide what you want to do with your life and who you are attracted to more. I dated 2 guys at the same time for 3 months. In the end, I ended up losing them both. Emily x


cally, i also have that problem in reverse. i have been with my bf for years nmow and the relationship have died. so i took ujp with a co worker. It is a amazing. i want to be with the co worker but it is proving difficult because he is a womanizer and a player. so i cant leave. i am trap.


i am in the same situation, it is not fun for me at all, if anything its hell, whilst on a break with my BF, a man i met in work took me out, i really liked him because he gave me everything i wanted from my boyfriend i never seemed to get, i am truly in love with my long term boyfriend but im scared to leave the man from work as my daily work life would be made hell (as hes a very popular guy). Its through no fault but my own. The man from work has spent so much on me and gives me all the attention im craving. I have made my choice i just dont know how to go about finishing the man from work..


im happy for you that you are happy but these men soon won't be happy if they find out! So decide soon because it will just end up being worse. Put yourself in their shoes, would you like to fall for a guy and then find out they have another woman on the side? Im Hoping Not. So The sooner the better. Good Luck, Hope You pick the right lad x


First of all you need to make up your mind really soon it's not fair on either of these men. You may not be ready to deciede but that isnt an option. It will be easier for the man you do not choose to find out that you dont want him now rather than later. If you dont decide before these men fall in to deep with you, you could end up losing both. These men think you are genuine, nothing stays a secret forever and you will end up on your own without either so decide while there is still hope for one of the men. good luck x x x


well i know it may just seem like fun but it isnt fair on these men. so u shud hurry up and decide

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