Who's the boss in your relationship?

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Is your partner under the thumb or is he well and truly the man of the house?

Discover who wears the trousers in your relationship with our fun quiz.

Just answer 10 quick questions making a note of how many (a)s, (b)s and (c)s you have.

Right, let's begin.

Question 1.

How much of your partner's wardrobe would you say you bought or picked out?

Continued below...

(a) Under 25%
(b) 25 - 50%
(c) Over 50%

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Robin Jaggard

im hearing you i feel the same way!!!!

Kirsten Main

Same comment as before, what the hell did i click every answer for?


We just took this quiz then got all the way to the end and you expect me to go back and do it all over again counting my A's, B's & C's - this is the INTERNET not the TELEGRAPH. Do it for me. Waste of time.

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