Horoscope love matches: Aquarius

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As an Aquarius, you're not overly romantic or sentimental and prefer the excitement of an unpredictable and wild partner. Your attractive personality should mean it's not hard for you to attract the opposite sex, but anyone with emotional baggage is a big turn off.

Your perfect match
Libra is an air sign, like you, meaning that you should really 'get' one another. While you may be put off by Libra's romantic nature, finding a balance between that and your laid back approach to relationships is exactly what will keep you together. You are both typically very creative and will help each other achieve your goals.

Other close fits
You will also get on well with Gemini, Sagittarius and Aries. All are adventurous, fun loving signs that will bounce off your zany personality.

Steer clear of...
Virgo and Cancer are the two signs you are least likely to get along with.

Virgo's fussy nature will drive you up the wall and make it hard for you to see eye to eye. It is possible for you to form good friendships with Virgos but be wary of it turning into something more.

Cancer's need for routine will also clash with your free spirit. They are likely to want commitment from you earlier than you will be prepared to give it and they'll try hard to tame your wild streak.

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this site is very helpful, i think that they could use more infornmation about sex and ways to enjoy it better. thank you (:

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