Horoscope love matches: Pisces

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Pisceans are incredibly romantic and love to shower their partners with affection. 'Sounds great' you might be thinking, but some signs will be scared off by this.

Your perfect match
The best match for a Pisces is another Pisces. Who better to get sentimental with than someone equally as loved-up and mushy as yourself?

A fellow Piscean will get your feelings and compassionate nature far better, which will create a very deep bond. Pisceans also tend to be really concerned with others, which is why in a relationship, you will work best with someone who is as concerned for your well being as you are for theirs.

Other close fits
A Sagittarian could also make a good partner for you. You both walk around with your head in the clouds and you will be drawn to Sagittarius' mysterious nature. You could also be well matched to Capricorn as they crave love and attention, and Pisceans are more than happy to give it out. Cancer is another emotional sign which will reflect the deep, emotional bond you like to establish with a partner.

Steer clear of...
Leos are really not a good match for you. While you concern yourself with the feelings of others, Leos are generally selfish, making it hard to understand each other's reasoning behind things.

It could also be a rocky road if your partner is a Libra. Their practical and intellectual mind will be difficult for you to connect with as you concern yourself more with thoughts and feelings rather than facts and figures. Libras also find it odd to think that you can be content in your own company, and will always prefer to be in a hectic social situation than to spend a relaxing evening alone.

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my horoscope was wrong for a pisecs, because i have been happily married to my leo for comeing up 20yrs next wednesday. and i could'nt ask for a better partner. i was married to another pisecs he cheated on me so your horoscope dont match sorry.

dennis mkhombo

I think all of this is true, special with pieces.

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