Horoscope love matches: Aries

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As an Aries, you will have a charming and exciting personality which is incredibly appealing to others. In a partner you look for mental attraction as well as physical. You like to be the centre of attention and aren't afraid to speak your mind.

Your perfect match
Fellow fire sign Leo makes a brilliant partner for you. Both signs are full of life and incredibly driven when it comes to achieving goals. You might think this would create a competitiveness between you but with a mutual respect, you can help each other along the way and both achieve great things.

Other close fits
You will get on well with Sagittarians as both of you love socialising and having fun.

When paired with a Gemini, your shared love of conversation will keep you up chatting all through the night in the early days and this ability to talk will remain a strong point throughout your relationship.

Steer clear of...
Avoid Cancerians at all costs. They are sensitive souls and won't respond well to your open, honest and sometimes unthoughtful attitude. You have no trouble speaking your mind but a Cancer sign will take every little thing to heart, so you'd definitely have to learn to think before you speak.

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