Horoscope love matches: Taurus

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As a Taurean, you are likely to be very down to earth with people warming to your friendly personality. In relationships you are keen to settle down. You love children and the idea of building a secure and happy home.

Your perfect match
Cancer is the ideal partner for you. Both of you are typically warm and outgoing. Cancer is understanding and very much in touch with their feelings. Whilst you are at times hot-headed, you are looking for someone who you can build a stable and loving relationship with and Cancer, ultimately, is looking for the same thing.

Other close fits
The dreamy nature of a Pisces can work well with you despite Taureans being typically very practical. You will help a Pisces get their head out of the clouds and they will help you to let go and relax.

Scorpio is another zodiac that could make a good partner for you. They, like you can be a little obstinate at times but this shared trait will mean you will learn more about compromise, and be a better person for it.

Steer clear of...
A relationship with a Gemini will be hard work. They love to travel and don't like to be tied down, whereas your main goal is to ultimately find a partner that wants to set up home with you. Geminis also need to be constantly busy, jumping from one activity to the next and enjoying a fast-paced lifestyle. This is almost the complete opposite to how you live your life and as a result could cause problems.

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The Taurus ideal match Capricorn is matched with someone else. Taurus's will be forever chasing love.

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