Horoscope love matches: Gemini

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Geminis are very adventurous and busy creatures. They love exploring new things and get bored easily. In relationships, they are full of quick wit and look for a partner who is as energetic and stimulating as they are.

Your perfect match
You need someone who can keep up with your pace of life and the best sign for that is an Aries. Aries are incredibly impatient and so will feed off your thirst for new things. You will both be racing around at light speed and it will create a huge spark in the bedroom!

Other close fits
Gemini and Sagittarius also make a great combo as you both love to chat. Another trait you share with Sagittarius is your bubbly and sociable personality.

You should also get on really well with Leo. Expect a passionate and fiery relationship which will involve you giving proud Leo a lot of attention, and him rewarding you in other ways.

Steer clear of...
Your worst match is Cancer. You are simply too busy and full of life to deal with their emotional needs, and senstive nature. Cancer craves stability and constants in their lives whereas you thrive on change and get a thrill out of the unknown.

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